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  1. I’m hoping Gilmer of course if we wouldn’t have had mistakes we could have won by 2 or 3 more touchdowns. We will need to limit mistakes this week to have a chance
  2. It’s not like Gilmer is senior loaded playing a bunch of them
  3. I think Gilmer only has 13 or 14 seniors and about 5 or 6 of those don’t start. Several sophomores started and 1 freshman at times and another freshman on slime gets 30 or so snaps a game
  5. And just because your not a leader doesn’t make you a bad coach. Just not a great head coach
  6. I think it’s a combination of things. We have had injuries we are young and we have lost trailer and about ten coaches. I’ve been in sales along time. Some guys are great salesmen but not very good sales mgrs. that’s what I think is going on in Gilmer. We have good coaches but no Alpha to lead the troops. In their asst coach position I think Turner was great but we need a Alpha to lead. Not everyone is a leader
  7. I don’t bash coaches but it does seem to me we are out game planned and unprepared. We seem to go down a couple of scores if not more every game except Bullard and Spring Hill. I just don’t get it
  8. I will apologize one more Thune for the “h”. It was auto correct. If that is not good enough oh well. One of my pet peeves is someone getting worked up over really nothing!!!!!!
  9. Sorry about putting the h on Pittsburg. Think it was autocorect
  10. My gut tells me Gilmer wins. Just a feeling I have
  11. I do feel our defense has been playing better. We need the offense to step up and play well also
  12. Does Gilmer bounce back this week? Or more offensive struggles?
  13. I agree I don't understand why the QB has not been running Maybe they have been waiting till this week Who knows
  14. No fake news. Gilmer has been banged up all year. That is why so many young kids have been playing. We will give it all we got but the facts are we are dealing with a lot of injuries but that’s no excuse. The young kids must step up
  15. Been a real though year on Gilmer with injuries. We have been playing a lot of young guys.
  16. It will all depend what Gilmer team shows up. If we play like we did against Spring Hill it will be ugly
  17. Gilmer should be better next year as well. Been playing with a lot of juniors, sophomores and a couple of freshman. We have a young team as well. I just hope we can keep it close
  18. Does Gilmer have a chance in this one?
  19. Web had surgery this summer he tried to go the first two games and has been out since he has never been 100% I hear he will be back on a limited basis this week and ready for PG
  20. Gilmer should be prepared for this game and should get a couple of starters back. Gilmer wins big!!!!!
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