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  1. Yea he's right. It's crappy at least with the boys. It's Jefferson and Tatum tied for 1st and the district falls off of a mountain after that. They'll end up playing for 1st once district is over
  2. Watched that kid run all over my son's team Justin Northwest when he was the freshman running back on varsity
  3. Yea and wonder where are all the athletes in Waco at. U go 10 mins north to Belmeade and their all over the place and also Hewitt Midway seems stacked every yr
  4. I agree. I was so excited to see them in person and I was kinda disappointed. Canadian left 8 pts on the field. They outplayed them and outgained them in yardage. Can't believe they held them to 166 yards rushing and I don't think super athlete Barlow had a run over 10 yards all game. I guess Canadian is just that good
  5. I'm right above you on the next level. Yall brought the whole town of Malakoff here
  6. In that case, where does Jefferson stand if we are going by your standards. Jefferson beat 4A D2 Pittsburg 44-35 in Pittsburg with the backup QB playing and the stud receiver (Arkansas commit) out of the game. U know, the same Pittsburg team that beat that Lorena team you speak of in the 3rd round. That puts us ahead of Franklin lol because Pittsburg went 4 rounds deep and gave the defending champs Pleasant Grove all they could handle. By the way, Mart's not beating Atlanta
  7. My daughter's game was yesterday so I'll be in the building to see Newton and Malakoff
  8. My 8th grader just informed me she has a game Thurs. She's the starting PG and scores 70% of their pts. Hate I can't make this one. There's 2 teams I wanna see in person......Malakoff and Newton. Guess I'll record it and watch it later
  9. Better get there early for this one. Game will probably be over in under 90 mins lol. I'll take LaVega. They'll finish the fight this yr
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