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  1. Thank you for the up dates. I haven't said anything , but have been following everything since the start. Being a coach it's hard to hear about kids being hurt while competing, but we know every day we could face these same challenges. It's been great to hear all the good news over the weeks of Cooper's injury. And last , but not least I really needed this verse today. Thank you
  2. God is good always! Man what a great season. When you start the season the number one goal is win state, but we all know only one team ends the season with a win! Well that wasn't my boy's of summer this year. But, the great thing is we can start all over again with the same goal WIN STATE! No really it's been another amazing year with my boys of summer. But , the bad thing is we're losing 6 wonderful young men that can really play the game of baseball. The great thing is we're in Bulldog country where we reload and start another drive towards a state championship! May God bless each and everyone of you this summer and stay safe. Until next baseball season OldOldCoach out for now.
  3. GOD is always good! Well my boys did it again Regional Champs, going to state for the second and only two times in school history. What a group of young men, especially those 6 seniors. What a fun time of the year! We played a very talented Centerville group , that was also loaded with seniors. Yesterday was an awesome game on both sides, two really good 2A baseball teams refusing to give into the other. Players on both sides throwing leather around, and pitchers pitching really well. My Bulldogs were just the one at the end that came out on top 3-2. Man what a game! Can't wait to see what God has to offer at state. Prayers going out all over the state over the school shooting, and the crimes committed in Centerville. God please give these families some kind of peace during these dark times. May god bless everyone this weekend, stay safe. Hope to see all the Bulldog Nation in Round Rock to support the Garrison Bulldogs.
  4. Yea two really good 2A baseball teams.
  5. God is always good! Well, its been almost one year from my last post. But a lot has been going on, my boys of summer have been at it again. We spent the first part of the season trying to find ourselves after last years state championship lost and losing four really good players to graduation. But now, we find ourselves in the regional championship series with another good team. They have tied the school record for wins, undefeated in district play, and so far undefeated in the playoffs just like they did last year. A lot of people thought this season would be a struggle after losing the talent of last years seniors, but these kids have never waivered. Now we are trying to make school history with the most wins in a single season, the schools second ever regional championship and second ever appearance in the state tournament. These young men have had a dream all season, to do something that a lot of teams never get the opportunity to fulfill, a State Championship. No matter what happens this week it has been another wonderful ride with a great group of young men. Can't wait to see what these guys grow up to accomplish in life. Well I've said enough for now, good luck to everyone, safe travels this week to all chasing that dream and God Bless!
  6. Great test for Timpson! If Timpson can hold them to 30, they have a chance to win this game. Not sure how physical Timpson is up front, like always the trenches will tell the tell!
  7. GOD is good all the time! Wow against all odds my boys of summer played their hearts out again! What a fun ride this year with the bulldogs. We setout three years ago to win state and last year Covid took that from us. But, this years team was determined, no matter what to make it happen! And I can't say enough how proud I am of these guys. The main thing is they started a tradition at Garrison that should be expected every year now! We'll be back next year, I will expect to be there and I know the 11 players coming back and their parents will. So, Garrison make your reservations for Round Rock for 2022, because my boys of Summer will be back! God bless have an awesome and safe summer
  8. GOD is good all the time! Well here we are state championship week. Man what a blessing it has been to be a part of this special group of young men. But, I still keep going back to last year's seniors and team. How deserving they would have been to be in this same situation, but Covid took that opportunity away from them! Knowing this we'll have to go represent all Garrison teams that never had the chance to be here and play our hearts our like we have all year. With that never say never attitude, no matter what's happening. We have a couple more tune-ups one today at Nacogdoches(I can't say enough thank you's to Coach Greer and Nacogdoches High school for letting us use their wonderful facilities). Then we'll stop for our final tune-up tomorrow on the way down at Madisonville High School, another group we're extremely thankful for. Without these people we would be literally up a creek without a paddle, our field has been under water most of the playoffs. Thank you everyone for everything that has been done for us this year. Last I would like to thank my wife and family that have chased me around over the years coaching, them and the grandkids have really gotten excited about the team this year. May GOD bless and safe travels this week
  9. Pitch count starts over for state tournament
  10. In the grand scheme of it all, it really doesn't matter who you match up with first! When we started the year our goal was to be the state champion, so you have to beat them all! And to do that you better bring your A game. This year's 2A bracket has the best of the best. #1 New Deal, # 2 Bosqueville, #3 Garrison, and #5 Shiner, WOW what a field! I wouldn't want it any other way! Good Luck to everyone, you are all deserving of being State Champion! May GOD Bless you and give all safe travels.
  11. God is good all the time! Man what a ride on this Bulldog Express! My Boy's of summer have really done it this time, we're going to Round Rock. Wow! This group of young men have really been overcomers this year. WE'VE HAD THREE OFF SEASON ARM SURGERIES, FOUGHT THROUGH A LOST DAD TO COVID, LOST TWO TO INJURIES MID SEASON, AND LOST TWO STARTERS IN REGIONAL GAME ONE, WOW! And through it all these guys just keep finding a way to get it done. What a group of young Men, that I'm really proud of! We have a couple more tune-ups before we go. Safe travels to everyone going down for the state tournament . May GOD bless you all, as much as he has blessed me this year! GO DOGS
  12. GOD is good all the time! Well here we are , it's game day. My boys of summer are going to go put it on the line again today, for a chance to go to Round Rock. The man upstairs has set the weather today for a great day for playing some baseball! Praying for safe travels for everyone, especially my wife driving back from Houston. She went to see the birth of our 8th grandchild, but she(Grandchild) had other ideas and is probably coming today. God Bless and have a wonderful day
  13. GOD is good all the time! Well the count down is on. We had a good Saturday workout, we'll have two more tune-ups this week on turf. Several local schools have been so gracious and allowed us to use their turf fields. I can't thank them enough ! Thank goodness it will be a short week, just excited to play some baseball. It has come down to us and Rivercrest for the rights to go to state. I had them picked as a favorite early on and was hoping we could seal the deal and be there with them. Here we are my college team mate and friend Rivercrest Coach Rick Connot will battle for the right to go to Round Rock(Well our teams will). I'm happy and excited that one of us will make it , and on the other hand sad that one's playoff run will end this week. But, what a fun run whichever way it goes. Two great groups of young men that love to play this great game of baseball. And what a fitting week to still be playing as we honor all those who fought and gave their lives , so we have the freedom for this opportunity. Personally I had a wonderful weekend baseball baseball and more baseball. We worked out Saturday morning, then my wife and I went to Nacogdoches SFA cages with the grandkids practicing for the city league championship on Tuesday night, and to top it all off went to Malakoff vs Woodville games 2 & 3 at Nacogdoches High School. Wow what a day! God Bless hope everyone has a wonderful week
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