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  1. So Gilmer coaches were conducting theirselves like Pittsburgh coaches? Show me one time in the last 23 years that That Gilmer coaches have conducted theirselves in that manner?
  2. Pittsburgh coaches and players always show that much class at games Or was it just because it was Gilmer?
  3. You really believe Paris and Gilmer were pretty close talent wise? Come on man!
  4. Webb (if Healthy) in my opinion is probably the only one, one could say one of the best players on field. He hasn’t been healthy. Fluellen maybe but He can only be as good as QB’s give him the opportunity to be but most of the games Gilmer might have 2 or 3 of the top in the top 11 players and 1 more thing Jeff is gone I hate it I love him but he gone. And ain’t coming back Get over it. Do not mis understand I’m not taking anything away from The hardworking Gilmer athletes. They work harder than most
  5. Question. How many games has Gilmer played where they have had the best players on the field? Was there a game where they had the best QB? Best RB? Best WR? Asking for a friend
  6. Not sure why some schools have freshmen teams then one week they don’t next week they do.
  7. Let me back up. If things weren’t going well. He would crawl someone’s butt so he did have some influence . Typically he didn’t have too though. He left that part of the game to the men he trusted.
  8. Traylor had very little if any to do with play calling. Something for people to think about play calling is somewhat limited this season.
  9. That goes a long ways in high school football
  10. No sir. Not saying he can’t play though
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