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  1. They have a bye tonight. Dekalb's district bye is the 1st week of district play 9/23 but it looks like they chose to play Tenaha and use a bye in week 1.
  2. 1. The majority of those 1A schools aren't playing football (if any), so from the size difference standpoint, no physical contact should be taking place. This looks like it's just going to be non-contact sports and I would see no problem with it. 2. I agree with the sentiment of everyone, freshmen are needed to fill out rosters on a lot of teams and a lot of freshmen are large for their age, therefore I would vote against this one. 3. Who cares - but only issue I would see is scheduling conflicts for the fields. 4. Please for the love of God add the shot clock!!! Only issue I see here is now having to make sure 3 people are at the scoring table - scoreboard operator, official scorebook person, & shot clock operator - yes the scoreboard person can operate but too much going on at the end of the game to have 1 person screw it all up by not resetting the shot clock
  3. Good hire, he left when the incoming seniors were freshmen and they had a few years with him on JV and JH. Good guy and good coach, should do really well for the Patriots
  4. Current AD is still there and coaching basketball
  5. I would lean heavily to a no on that. The AD is still coaching basketball so this is a position that will only be FB HC
  6. Not sure, but he was at Prairiland for a few years before heading over to Paris
  7. They were 3-1 going into district last year (should have been 4-0, but Edgewood had a few more athletes). If it wasn't for a botched hook 'n lateral then they most likely would have beat Chisum to start district(P-Land up late in the 4th), it was returned for a 50 yard scoop and score the other way. After that they took a few beatings from Dekalb and D-Field and never were the same. Kids aren't coming out for high school football over there. You may have a good # in JH but the last few years when HS hits, those kids just don't come out. They need a coach that can get on their level - a younger coach, one who is trying to take that next step but just isn't ready for an AD spot. If someone would come in and work to build the program, then they can be competitive, plus in a few years that AD spot might open up for him. They just have to understand that you need to work with the kids you have and plan to what fits them best. Just my 2 cents
  8. What time do they usually have it posted?
  9. Really curious what that 3A cutoff will be and the affect on NE Texas because you have Whiteright that looks like they should drop to 2A with 239, Gunter is close to go 3A-D1, then East New Boston should drop to 3A-D2 & if that cutoff # goes too high then you have Dekalb at 254 and Pewitt at 253 (I don't see it going higher than 245 which would be a +15 from 2020's #)
  10. Either Cooper will be the largest 2A or the smallest 3A
  11. It's the program, recently just started a JH baseball program in the fall season and I'm sure that has taken some athletes away. Quite a few kids that could help the program have left the school in the last few years too and went to some of the surrounding programs. They just don't have the same caliber of players as the other teams in the district and that is why they can't get things going. If more emphasis was put on ALL the kids playing when they are younger (Pee-Wee) then the majority of them would be playing later on in school. This is just what I've seen over the years. I have heard though that this head coach is what they need, he came late and even though he had seen their game tapes, he still wanted to come.
  12. NL is just to pitiful to pull this off - Pitt by 2 tds
  13. PP by 6, going to be a close one this year
  14. If you've never seen Dekalb's band, you're in for a treat. Military type marching, it's always great to watch
  15. Pewitt by at least 2 TD's, Dekalb has beat up on lesser teams for their wins while PP stepped up and took on the tougher competition. PP has been tested and quite possibly will run away with this in the 4th in my opinion.
  16. Pewitt by 10. Chisum RB is really good, but let's be honest, Prairiland defense held him under 100 yards or at least right around it, for the game by keying in on him. Take away a 40 or so yard TD run and he had mediocre #'s. Definitely better as a LB. If Prairiland doesn't have a botched hook & ladder in the 4th, Chisum very easily could have lost that game. Should be a good game but I don't see Chisum getting them as Pewitt shuts down the main RB. I still see it as a 3 horse race for the final 2 spots between Dekalb, Chisum, and Hooks though.
  17. I can see why he was hobbled a little, I saw the penalty flag on that, was it for that hit?
  18. I'm curious about the other teams in this district @TigerBlue09? What was y'alls struggle against DK? Did y'all have players out?
  19. D-Field is a lock at #1 but I see the rest up in the air. Dfield Dekalb PP/Hooks/Chisum fight for 3&4
  20. Tom Bean cancels against Prairiland Rains cancels against Edgewood New Game - Edgewood @ Prairiland 7:30p Friday
  21. As a PA announcer I use the app throughout the games to give score updates, #### I’m gonna have to break out my ‘Joke Maker 5000 App’ to kill time if they can’t get this app to work right !!
  22. Prairiland 28 Alba Golden 7 final
  23. What happened to the boy's basketball coach Monds??
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