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  1. Big game this week. Both teams coming off big wins. What can we expect to see from the young Bulldogs?
  2. You do realize your "run game" scored 20 points against a weak New Waverly defense?
  3. Not a problem at all. SAWolfman what did you think about HH def? I know they can score on offense, but they also seem to give up a lot of points defensively as well.
  4. All I know is that quality win San Augustine got doesn't seem to mean as much once Beckville took Tenaha to the woodshed. I know it was a seven point game, but Beckville dominated.
  5. This should be another good game this year. Both teams are having success. Who is going to outlast the other on the ground will decide this game. Who are the playmakers for Hemphill?
  6. Here is one Anderson fan. Atleast our first round opponent will be a step below Newton if not multiple steps below. It what it is. Looking forward to a good injury free game for both sides.
  7. Just replied on your last post. I think it'll be a good one for both teams. Good hard nose football game. Smash mouth.
  8. Good job CC. Slow wet field tonight for the Owls but they got the win. Next week should be a good one for both teams.
  9. Good win last night 09. I thought the score margin would have been larger based on previous scores for both teams. What can you tell me about new Waverly?
  10. Anderson Shiro with the win 6-0. Came down to the wire. Swatted ball on 4th and goal. Great job Owls. Next week new Waverly
  11. Today is the day. Who is going to put themselves in a good position in the district? Any thoughts from Hemphill fans or district teams? Good luck to everyone tonight.
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