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  1. physical enough to beat dangerfield them boys won’t like being punched in the mouth the gonna be crying for momma and daddy when wr get done with em
  2. dangerfield finna get punched in the mouth for 4 quarters let’s see how they like it
  3. Dadgum it I was wrong I said wr by 30 but they won by 38
  4. West Rusk is much improved from the 3 round deep team that got dismantled by Waskom last year in the playoffs. I have seen people on here say they have played a weak schedule, but all of the 3A-D1 teams they played in pre-district and beat are in the playoffs. (Mineola, Sabine, East Chambers.) If anyone has played a weak schedule it’s Waskom. Harmony will be the 4th place team in West Rusk district, and they beat 4 teams out of Wascums district. 3 of those teams are playoff teams. EF, Hughes Springs, Harleton.
  5. You should be embarrassed. It takes one tough man to sit around on the internet and talk down on High School kids. The Waskom community should be ashamed that you’re apart of it.
  6. You sir, are the biggest idiot on this site. Congratulations.
  7. raiders win this one hugely. keep sleeping on them there Raiders. they gon wake some of you up. Guaranteed
  8. this won’t be a game… 2nd string should get plenty of reps.
  9. wr by 21 Mineola ain’t got nuthin. Couldn’t even beat a weak Canton team
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