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  1. Who have they played? I don’t see anyone there.
  2. Give him a break he didn’t realize WR still owns Arp
  3. Yeah, and they are good this season. They haven’t really played anyone yet though.
  4. Good game Tatum… good luck the rest of the season. Hopefully WR can build off this game and go win their district. Good competition like this helps when district rolls around.
  5. You are still talking about a week 1 scrimmage that the majority of WR starters didn’t even play in? You’re such a dweeb!!
  6. Ehhh that would’ve been the wrong bet, I promise.
  7. He was really the only one that kept the WR threads entertaining. The few other wr posters don’t get to much into the trash talk.
  8. I agree this years team is definitely more gritty and physical. They play together as a team better. There were to many “Mommy’s boys,” on last years team who were afraid of physicality. They will have to play a near perfect game to win against Tatum.
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