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  1. Congrats Franklin! What a program y’all have over there. Competitive in every sport!
  2. They don’t match up well against athletic teams. 1 or 2 good athletes won’t beat a team full of them.
  3. They will lose to West Rusk again
  4. West Rusk wins game 3 over DeKalb 5-2 and advances to round 3.
  5. Seen where y’all got swept by New Diana
  6. WR and ND will be the top two teams. I think WR comes out on top.
  7. How many yards of offense did West Rusk have tonight? At times it seemed like they moved the ball well until they got within 30 yards then DF defense tightened up.
  8. I’m taking Daingerfield if they can cut out the penalties and self inflicted mistakes. They have the talent to go all the way. Good luck Tigers
  9. He’s a good kid and has a lot of heart. Glad he will be back next year!
  10. Great game DF… To many athletes to contain as I expected. WR fought hard and did more than they were supposed to this season. I expect them to be better next year. Good luck the rest of the way DF
  11. Some have been out multiple games but I think 2 were injured against ND.
  12. No trolling I know 2 starting lineman, QB, and LB are all out. Might be more. Think DF wins either way but WR will show up and play with some grit.
  13. Has anyone said they were like the others? I don’t know why it keeps being brought up.
  14. Keep laughing @RETIREDFAN1….. I’m sure you picked Newton to blow them out last year too.
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