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  1. Jacksonville Middle School is looking for 2 basketball games during the month of December. I'm attaching a copy of our current schedule. We would be willing to travel an hour in any direction. Thank you for your time and consideration! JMS boys basketball.pdf
  2. Yes sir! Like I said, I meant zero disrespect. I apologize if I came off totally wrong.
  3. I have unconditional love for the coaching staff in Lindale; 5 of those guys are some of my close friends so I meant no disrespect to them, their players or the city of Lindale!
  4. Thanks brother! Not a big deal, just want people to know that he's a baller too! Works his butt off but gets very little credit and yes, he's my son! I meant zero disrespect!
  5. # 2 Is actually pretty good as well; hit you guys for 2 TD's( should have been 3) and over 100 yards receiving!!!!! But, the disrespect is typical!!!!!
  6. Jacksonville Middle School has a game to give and is looking for someone to play on our open week (Oct. 17th-21st). We'd be willing to travel about an hour in any direction from Jacksonville. Currently, we have all four teams available but will accept 7A or 8A games only if preferred. My name is Coach Kenny Canady and my contact email info is [email protected]
  7. Well said brother! All Indians must stick together to get this thing turned around no mater who's getting the job! It's on us to support and protect the image of the Fightin' Indians Football program!
  8. Here's what insanity is, "The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results." You and others like you will assume that your words, critiques, assessments and arm chair quarterbacking is somehow a valid knee-jerk response for what you "think" you know about what goes on on the field on Friday Nights but really it's just a way for guys like you who failed at being an athlete to take shots at guys like me who Really matter! You will champion the new head coach, OC and the DC until you think that you know more than them and that your opinion matters. They'll be the talk of the town until guys like you turn on them and start talking about things that you know not of! The next group of guys will work hard to turn this thing around but I will tell them to be leary of guys like you; wolves in a sheep's clothing! The truth is MIKE PHILLIPS, that you can't do what we do because you don't have it in you. If that were the case, you'd be a selfless teacher/coach that impacts the lives of hundreds and thousands of young men and women without praise. You'd be an individual that spends countless hours with kids that are not of your your own creation. You'd be an individual who forgoes the opportunity to make potentially thousands of dollars doing something more lucrative, but you can't! We're special and Jacksonville was lucky to have a staff like we had for the past 7 years!
  9. What you fail to realize is that there has been a trend in Jacksonville since moving to the 5A level. No Coach has won here in Jacksonville when you match it to the level of success of Coach Long. Now, you may have a chance and the next head coach AD will do a wonderful job! Let me help you with your assessment........ 5A football was very difficult for Jacksonville. All the great coaches that came after Coach Long did their absolute best and got the most out of their respective situations. The demographics changed and so did a portion of our wealthiest kids (White Flight) to places like Brook Hill. Are you still with me???? Well, to top it off, you have a group of people in society that feel obligated to not work hard but be given things for free in return! This ain't the Jacksonville of the 90's and 2000's brother but you wouldn't know that because you don't live here! Jacksonville still can be great again with LOYAL current and former players, community patrons and supportive administration but with people like you it can't!
  10. Check the resume brother! I never said that! My family name speaks for itself!
  11. I played with you! The same could be said about YOU in the Waxahache game in the second round in '92! Stay in YOUR lane and never mention the CANADY name or legacy in Jacksonville! I promise you, we've done more for this city than you could ever imagine!
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