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  1. Nah son we won 14-0 in preseason so bring that to the hard courts
  2. Man I would have laid down and let Tenaha beat me beacuse Craig Way is gonna be like Mason ran ruff shot over San Augustine to get to ATT stadium.
  3. If Tenaha would had one of those stud linebackers from last years team it would be Tenaha vs Otto but lets hit the hard courts running SA. Good mythical run
  4. Its very evident that your understanding is below your on self worth which is pretty low. A school district is built by its feeder schools not its 7 thru 12 body which could be half the size of the lower schools!
  5. Four seven square years ago we took a journey and it lead is us back to 2A Div 1 were we have been a cellar team the last decade not winning a squirrel tail of thang. Until suddenly last year we broke out of squirrel hibernation. lol
  6. Will Rogers if its fact than it aint bragging son. I will take a Finalist Trophy on the big stage any day than get to the Semi Finals every year and not touch the hem of podium.
  7. Haye Wolves go to bed early on Christmas eve and maybe in few short years Santa will bring you a wrapped trophy and a wonderful dreams of lil wolves chasing their tails at ATT stadium.
  8. SA dont worry about Tenaha they have 2A Div II Finalist trophy that you want see this Christmas hahaha
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