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  1. Congrats Lindale, I hope you guys get to Arlington. Well it wouldn't be a Kilgore thread without someone blaming the coaches for a loss. A kid scored 7 rushing touchdowns by himself. I'm thinking that may have had more to do with the loss than than the Kilgore coaches. Kilgore is one of the winningest teams in east texas, but the coaches never seem to have anything to do with any of the wins, but they are always the reason for the losses. Hmmmmm, seems like with so many coaches not having a clue what is going on, there would be alot more turnover, or a lot less success in Kilgore.
  2. 2006-2009 or so was a pretty good run for Livingston standards. Under Randy Rowe they made it to the 3rd round and went like 10-3 or so. They got beat by Dayton. I believe that was 2007. Outside of those 3 years and this one, it's been a tough road for the Lions. I would love to see them win a couple of playoff games, but I don't think they will be able to match the speed of the Bulldogs. Palestine handled them pretty easily earlier in the season. I'll go Chill by 2 TD's.
  3. Anybody go to the Kilgore/Kaufman scrimmage?
  4. The whole point of these tournaments are to find some depth and that’s exactly what they’ve done. Adkins and Mcelyea both pitched complete games and picked up wins. The sophomore lefty has pitched really well and you know what you’ve got with Johnson and Hampton. I’d say that’s just the opposite of what you’re saying. That’s 5 solid pitchers on a 4a team that went to Austin last year.
  5. Congrats to Sabine, they are going to be really good this year. Kilgore did not pitch Hampton. They pitched Johnson and a Sophomore, I didn’t catch his name. Kilgore looked a little sloppy at times, but they had a few playing that I wouldn’t expect will play much once the season gets rolling. Kilgore looked flat all night though so hopefully they will get those things corrected. Baseball is a crazy game, Sabine has a lot to be excited about. Good luck to the Cardinals this season. East Texas should be well represented again this year.
  6. I think that’s a pretty accurate poll. To me until somebody beats Argyle they’re number one. That being said, Kilgore looked really good against Malakoff. They’re not going to score as many runs as last year, but their pitching is going to be much better and deeper. Should be another fun year.
  7. Ahh ok I wasn’t sure about the Van game. Kilgore’s 9th finished 9-1 losing 0-16 to Carthage. I left the JV game against Van because it started pouring raining.
  8. All i know for sure is JV and 9th had 1. Carthage 2. Kilgore Don't know the rest of the district order, pretty sure Van finished 3rd then Henderson, Palestine and Chapel Hill. I believe the order is the same at both levels.
  9. You can say Kilgore technically "backed" into the playoffs, however they had to do something during the course of the schedule to put them into position to get in. Also, there is a good chance Kilgore beats Crandall in the first round. Then what? Should Kilgore just forfeit a very "Winable" game just because they "backed" in? Now don't get me wrong, a team goes 0-10 or 1-9, I get it there is no way they should be in the playoffs, but it is what it is so there is really no reason to complain about it. Just let the games play out and at the end, the teams that deserve to be there will be t
  10. Do they have a chance? Yes Is it a vey good one? No One thing about Kilgore that I’ve seen in 25 years watching them is they’re not going to lay down for anybody. Regardless of the records, Kilgore’s going to show up and give you everything they’ve got. Being at home will help, but realistically I’d say Carthage by 2 Td’s.
  11. I believe Carthage wins but Kilgore will put up a fight. I’ll say 28-10. Kilgore’s defense has been much better this year, unfortunately the offense has not clicked. The good news for Kilgore fans is that they are very young.
  12. Freshmen are 9-0 JV are 7-2, they are 3-1 in district, lost to Van but I don’t remember the score. Im looking forward to making the trip to Carthage next Thursday. I’m assuming Carthage’s 9th grade is 9-0 as well. Should be fun to watch
  13. 9th Kilgore-41 Palestine-8 JV Kilgore-28 Palestine-22
  14. 9th Kilgore-28 Van-13 i was a dummy and didn’t bring any rain gear so I left at the beginning of the JV game.
  15. I’m trying to understand what you’re getting at with this statement? So are you saying the kids should just do their own thing and not listen to the coaches? The same coaches that have been to two state championships and routinely go 3-4 rounds deep? As someone who’s watched Kilgore football since the early 80’s I can tell you that the last couple of years have been some of the lowest talent levels Kilgore has seen since then. Watching the younger groups, it looks like help is coming, but the last couple years the talent cupboard has been bare.
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