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  1. Quitman has a better record than Atlanta this year, level of competition be damned!
  2. The game previously dubbed the Toilet Bowl of East Texas, looks like it's formed into a guaranteed squash for those QC Dawgs. The only question that remains is how many points they put up with their new lefty gunslinger QB.
  3. This update is terrible. The old format with the pre-game voting was great IMO. The new design looks too modern for the sake of it and generic.
  4. She was interim for like 2 weeks in 2019. She's been gone. Assistant Principal now I believe.
  5. Harleton is a decent team. Unfortunate they have to run into that Newton buzzsaw in Round 1, they're a squad that deserves to make it to the 2nd or 3rd. Newton by about 50.
  6. It all comes down to this. Long, hard seasons for both squads will end with a trip to the postseason for one, and a sad drive home for the other. Both teams are on 2-Game losing streaks to Hughes Springs and Waskom by similar scores, and the game last year was a dogfight so this is a relatively even matchup. That just leaves one question... WHO YA GOT???
  7. Dawgs take on the Stangs in a must win game for both teams. QC played Waskom much tougher than HS in the 1st half before the wheels came off. Who ya got???
  8. They both beat ND by similar scores only a week or so apart. HS and QC are in a similar class this season.
  9. Dawgs will surprise some of y'all. Their run defense is no joke. Won't be a blowout either way.
  10. Replace Frankston with Union Grove, and yes. QC never played Frankston.
  11. The Bulldogs face most likely their toughest test of the season as they welcome the Wildcats to the Dawg Pound in a game with seeding implications for both teams. Waskom must win to push for 1st seed in 3A-D2 District 11, while if the Bulldogs pull off the upset, the 2nd seed is theirs to lose. Who ya got?
  12. The battle of the "City"'s takes place this week as the Bulldogs are coming off of a rebound W against New Diana to take on the Rebels in a 3 game slump. Who ya got?
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