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  1. I think West started 4 drives inside of our 20 yard line. I would be curious to see total yardage stats of the game because I wouldn’t be surprised if MV outgained West. MV threw a pick 6, had 2 punts that went 8 and 12 yards total. For some reason, we had a punter tonight who has never punter for us ever before. MV gave West short fields on every single drive
  2. Well you can’t beat anyone playing as bad as MV did tonight. All of the self-inflicted mistakes were impossible to overcome.
  3. Ya I’m watching the game at home because I have two little kids. I definitely wish I was there but thanks for worrying about me
  4. I’m not a complaining fan at all. I just don’t understand how we have had low snaps week 1 and every week since then. And honestly the problem has gotten worse as the year has went on. the offense can’t do anything when they have to pick the ball up off the ground every other play. How has the issue not been cleaned up or at least improved
  5. Y’all taking out your frustrations on the commentator
  6. I agree, it’s not a great listen. Just mute it
  7. MV killing themselves with low snaps and penalties. Lucky to be winning
  8. Sir, I wish we could take advantage of that. It will be run heavy, few swing passes to the flats, and throw it deep on 3rd and long and hope for a PI if I’m being honest.
  9. Game day!! Hopefully the weather stays away enough to let us get the game in.
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