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  1. I appreciate it, we had multiple chances! Still stings a little, but it was a fun ride. I was aware who Lorena played before district, I was just talking about who they have played on their playoff paths. It seems like to me that most people were on Brock as state champs after they beat Jim Ned like they did. As playoffs got rolling it seemed pretty evident that Brock, Lorena, MV were a cut above everyone else in the division. Brock had to play MV, Lorena hasnโ€™t played anyone on that level yet (in the playoffs). Brock has rolled everyone besides MV, and Lorena has rolled everyone. It should be a great game, toss up in my opinion. Iโ€™m just picking Brock
  2. It seems to me like everyone was picking Brock as the state champion favorite until last week. Brock had smoked everyone they played all of the postseason including the defending champs. Then they played a team on their same level and it came down to the wire. Lorena has smoked everyone in the postseason, but they havenโ€™t seen a team on the same level yet. Everyone is picking Lorena because Brock won in a tight one, and Lorena beat a Lago Vista team that wouldnโ€™t have made it out of the second round in a lot of regions? Give me Brock
  3. Dave Campbells does mock realignments but I donโ€™t subscribe so Iโ€™m not sure what they are predicting
  4. It was a fun district the last two years. Hopefully we can stay East and kick those teams like Howe,Bonham, Potts back west
  5. Slipped through our fingers. Literally. MV will be back
  6. Heartbreaking loss. Great season MV. Two evenly matched teams battled it out to the end. That was a tough one
  7. Possibly, but I promise you MV isnโ€™t gonna lay down to then like everyone else has. I like our chances
  8. Game Day!! Ticket to the state championship being punched tonight!
  9. Paul Pewitt, Dekalb, Elysian Fields, and Newton among the smallest teams in 3A just by a couple kids
  10. Honestly not sure but could be someone from Brock. Apparently they posted in the Brocks community Facebook group a bunch of stuff about MV. If itโ€™s someone from MV they are trying very hard to troll
  11. Yep we have a couple of those. Surprised diggs would retweet a guy with 2 followers.
  12. Lol looks like this account was created today and it has 2 followers
  13. Whatever happens on Thursday, Iโ€™m super proud of this group of kids. Back to back region champs in the toughest region in the state is not easy to do. Brock has looked very good, but so has MV. Iโ€™m sure all of the computers and โ€œexpertsโ€ will be picking Brock. Itโ€™s a good thing they are not the ones playing Thursday night. Im picking MV by a field goal! Go Tigers!
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