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  1. Go ahead and win state Tatum. NFHS streaming?
  2. Chisum has played a cakewalk up until round 4. As long as Tatum shows up and takes care of business, they shouldn’t have a problem.
  3. After the guy came at Trevion, the stands cleared rushing to everyone and pulling people away. The video I saw was pretty much after everything had happened and it was just holding people back. I was at the game though
  4. Tatum all day. Wouldn’t be surprised if White Oak keeps it semi-close
  5. Mineola knocks off Jefferson 66-49. Jefferson fan came on the court and tried to fight Trevion Sneed with about a minute left and fans rushed the court so they called the game with a minute left
  6. There a stream of Atlanta game tonight?
  7. MV played a really good first quarter and it was downhill from there. Led 17-10 and ended up losing 78-53 to New Boston
  8. When and where are the playoff games for this district?
  9. A couple of the coaches that came with Briles bought houses in Mt Vernon, and have kids that go to school and seem happy. Could possibly hire within but who knows
  10. I said he’s very good, just not number 2 in Texas good. Just my opinion on seeing him, but also I haven’t compared him to many other top ranked recruits.
  11. He more than holds his own in 3A too but the number 2 recruit in Texas should be dominating. Aau might be “real basketball players” but it’s not real basketball
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