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  1. MV will be ready to go!! This one might be an instant classic
  2. Wish ours was. Sadly we have a couple of them that are sophomores that will grow into little ballers of their own. Maybe this year will be a growing year. Get the wins while you can
  3. Fair enough. I still think Sabine beats Tatum this year. Their QB is a gamer and makes things happen. MV is coming back to earth but still is a playoff team and will be a fun matchup to whoever they draw from D6
  4. Lol yep. We did, wouldn’t be surprised if y’all do too. Sabine is solid, and we are happy to make the playoffs and make some noise this year. We are young and inexperienced
  5. No reason to change up what’s working! Hoping we can force y’all into more passing situations. From what I’ve seen, our corners play pretty soft coverage. Seems to be bend but don’t break approach
  6. Interesting. I remember Sparks being a solid dual threat QB from last year. Hoping we can keep him contained
  7. Have y’all been pretty balanced this year run/pass?
  8. Winnsboro by 21 Quinlan Ford by 35 Mt Vernon by 6 North Lamar by 7 Bullard by 30 Pottsboro by 20 Callisburg by 28
  9. I’m excited to see how our defense does vs a spread team with a good dual threat QB. Should be the closest thing we see to Finney and Winnsboro.
  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if they do. But idk about should
  11. Before the lightning delay it was MV 36-0 over Pewitt. 3 fourth quarter touchdowns on the 2’s made the score a lot closer than what it was. It’s safe to say we aren’t very deep this year. That said, I’m expecting a good game. Hoping MV ruins homecoming
  12. Sorry if it’s been said earlier but do we have a stream for this one?
  13. Great win tonight! Loved seeing the offense put together long drives and end them in points. GW played a good game too. I think MV and GW will both continue to get better and better as the year goes on and these young kids get more reps. Both teams look like playoff teams to me
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