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  1. Shelbyville will challenge. Got a big dominant kid that is coming in next year from the Houston area. He is from Shelbyville but moved a few years ago. He shined playing 6a ball this year as a sophomore.. Will play on both lines. Also, rumor has it there will be a few move ins that want a chance to play basketball here, but they are good football players as well. They will be joining a really nice Sophomore and Jr. class.
  2. sorry about that. didn't mean to get baited in... not sure what the offense is they run. I think it's actually the air raid.
  3. LD Coleman, Jaylen Brinson, AJ Cartwright, Kel Cartwright, Slade Smith, Jackson, JaKory Stanley.. these kids all have 1st team all district skillsets at running, catching or both. LD Coleman has 1st team all district quarterback talents as does JaKory Stanley, and Jaylon Brinson.. These are only the kids that play. The kids that don't play Jay Buckely (state tournament MVP basketball) best athlete in the county with D1 receiver talents, Kolby Parker (committed to UH to play baseball) top 5 athlete in the county can play any position on offense or defense at an all district 1st team level. Jordan Boykins, another top athlete in the state in 2a, 6-4 over 200lbs great hands, and smart. Could be all district receiver on any level. All state in the smaller classifications, and can also kick extremely well. Get them to the football field! Raymond Jackson, god rest his soul, figured this out back in the late 80's/ early 90's and as they say, the rest is history! The right people with the right connections to the community can make it happen. So yea, Shelbyville is loaded!! It's very similar to the 14/15 kids that were sold short with a basketball coach that intentionally lost games because the AD despised basketball, and in football there were kids with 4.4 speed and great hands on the sideline while the offense was playing!!! and a quarterback that dominated 7 on 7 with the same kids! In the lovelady game in 15 that we lost in the quarterfinals they literally had 11 men in the box and Burrell was about 60 percent. No ability to cut but ran him between the tackles all night with speedy receivers on the sidelines watching. The quarterback that year Barnes is playing receiver in college now, but he had a decent arm. The whole fiasco was one of the most painful things I've ever witnessed in watching sports for 50 years! Lets go back further to the mid nineties to the early 2000's. Vincent Cartwright, Fred Cartwright RIP, Chris Cartwright, Frank Baker, Cedric Ratcliff, Dustin Parker, Archie Peterson, Tim Sparks,.. the biggest offensive line in the state of texas in 1997 with EVERY skill player with interest from colleges. They went 5 and 5 and didn't make the playoffs! Colleges used to inquire about a few of these kids and the school literally didn't even tell the kids!! These are cold hard facts! Vincent Cartwright ended up making it to the final cuts with the Titans, and chose to not got to NFL Europe and took up recruiting for Sam Houston State. Then he went to coaching and became AD in Huntsville, but resigned to work closer to home. Coaches in Lufkin now. Applied for the AD job in 14 but didn't even get an interview!! Imagine that. A guy that made it to the pros and was raised in the community where the athletes come from and didn't get an interview! There was another group in the late 2000's with a very similar sad story. Bottom line is it's not the coaches but the administration. It's their job to make sure the kids are represented properly. And there is one constant in all of this. . As for me I have absolutely no dog in the hunt. I'm just an old school guy that has been around sports all over the country and was closely involved with some very successful programs a long time ago. After coming back to Shelby county and leaving several times I keep coming to the same conclusion. Which is these kids aren't being represented properly and they only have one chance to play sports. We can argue, bicker and debate here all day. Speculate to no end and pretend we know a lot, and it doesn't matter!!!! The kids are all I care about and they get one chance. We can talk smack here until we are too old to walk!! I'm done. I will not reply to anything else in this thread... I just hope somebody sees it and considers everything said. . and for the record! The current AD at Shelbyville is not a bad coach. I saw his team play a few times and they played hard. Blocked and tackled well and had discipline. . They just need to install a modern offense. The wildcat exclusively is absolutely not fair to the kids.
  4. It was because of the emotion of the tragic event that both communities were experiencing simultaneously. Octavian was special to all of us and it had a major effect on the ballgame.
  5. I was at the Liberty Hill game where they beat Carthage. Only because Carthage was weak on defense compared to past years. I was also at the state championship game where they lost because they couldn't throw the ball.
  6. I don't want the job. I coached a bit back in the 80's and early 90's and found out it wasn't for me, but I guarantee that running a modern offense that fully utilizes the available talent is not rocket science.
  7. He was actually from San Augustine but we have a kid now that could be a 2000 yd. rusher if they don't beat him to death with the 3 yards and a cloud of dust. . With several other kids coming up that can run. Shelbyville always has running backs. Maybe not the caliber of Burrell, but we have an abundance of skills players every year. The administration just needs to figure out how to implement a modern offense. The new coach is fine. In the few times I saw them they were disciplined. Blocked well and tackled well, but with 0 threat of a passing game and no true quarterback it's disheartening to everyone. Just hire an offensive coordinator for Gods sake!! It's not like we don't have money!
  8. Under the bus? I'm taking up for the kids and giving them a voice. The administration thinks we don't have a kid smart enough to be a true quarterback but some of us know better. One kid in particular shined very brightly playing quarterback on a 15u select team. . We don't have an offensive coach smart enough to teach a basic passing game. Or, most likely they just don't want to take the time to do it. No team will reach their full potential without a basic passing game. Some have won state with the 3 yards and a cloud of dust concepts but it was because they were extremely big or had an elite D1 type running back. Even Newton the last two years with all their running abilities passed the ball. Nobody is being thrown under the bus!! I'm just tired of seeing our football teams under achieve for decades and decades when we continuously have some of the best athletes in the county!! Throw the freaking ball!!! And that goes for Joaquin too.. The Gandy teams should have had at least one state champ, but he wouldn't throw it. Last years team had a enough speed for two sprint relays but the refusal to throw the ball cut them short. Throwing the kids under the bus would be to ignore the facts and not say anything.
  9. You are partly right. Tenaha did run a version of the wildcat with the Davis kid lined up at quarterback, but they did have a quarterback. JR Hill, and he was probably all district? not sure? And they did pass the ball fairly often during the regular season and playoffs to include the state championship game. Any offense is fine as long as you throw the ball a little bit. Even with the great talent we had in 14 and 15 the teams still under achieved because the coach would not throw the ball. Those kids dominated 7 on 7! Especially in 14 with CJ Watson throwing the ball. Say what you want, but football has moved away from 3 yards and a cloud of dust. It's not fun and it contributes to injury.
  10. I guess you can't read? Never did I throw any kids under the buss. I just stated a simple fact that the offense we run is ridiculous! It shouldn't be tolerated by the administration nor the community.
  11. We didn't beat a team in the top 30. The offense is ridiculous to say the least!! We have an abundance of skills players and to see them waste away is terrible! It's the administrations fault. We have had numerous groups of kids going all the way back to the early 90's that under achieved due to inadequate coaching.
  12. Our coach is special. He understands how to get the most of his talent and how to stay calm during games. Now if we could just get the main kids from the basketball court to the football field! We could have the kids to match up with any 2a school in the state. Especially the skills players! Problem is we run a gimmick offense that is closer to 1919 than 2019. Literally! It's not fun and contributes to injury. Hopefully one day our top administrator will embrace this problem, step down, or get fired.
  13. one of two things will happen. Newton will either regroup and play their best game, or the exposure will derail one of the best small school teams of all time. I do think most of the real good teams coming out of our region are at a disadvantage due to the overall fact of not having much competition. Especially in district and many times all the way through regionals. The other regions have better overall competition and therefore are better prepared deep in the playoffs.. MHO
  14. Tenaha did great this year moving up to 2a D1. They could have made the move two decades ago and done well, but would have a few more losses on the resume. They have a deep bloodline and always get at least a few nice move ins. The big Patton kid from Joaquin will be one of their next big things. He is a beast on both sides of the ball and only a freshman.
  15. I predicted 42-14 Newton at the half.. and that was out of generosity. My original prediction was 55-6 at half. This Newton team has to be the best 3a team of all time!! They should be playing 4a D1.
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