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  1. I noticed a reference to the Marshall game and their quarterback. In my opinion he was the best athlete I've see in person in a while. This comment is a little off topic, but I will add that I doubt Carthage will face another athlete as dynamic.
  2. thank you! this one has the makings for a good one. possibly some rivalry in there as well?
  3. A big bandwagon Carthage fan here, but expect a major blowout in their game. Would love to catch a good game with at least one team that passes some. Within a 75 mile radius of Center, TX., would be great also, but willing to travel further for the right matchup. A Louisiana game would work as well. Any suggestions?
  4. At what point will the Dawgs face some decent competition? Like actually have to play until mid 3rd quarter, or early 4th? I'm a bandwagon fan and have watched nearly every home game the last two years, and most playoff games. I will admit some of the blowouts get boring. We might catch a more competitive game somewhere this week if everyone is sure this one is a blowout? It appears it will be a major blowout.
  5. if so it's a one of a kind story. worthy of some sort of documentary to be aired nationally. . Props though either way. Great program.
  6. Bandwagon Carthage fan here. I have watched them the last two years, and in MHO they aren't as good this year. The running game is just a shadow of what it was with Ingram, and it doesn't appear the defense is as good. PG ran the ball very effectively, and if not for the late fumble would have probably won the game. It was a lucky break for the Dawgs, but on the flipside great teams make big plays in big moments. They could very well win the whole thing, but a good running team could cause them problems by keeping Capps and the passing game on the sideline and wearing down the defense. PG had definitely worn them down by late 3rd quarter. Either way I will be at every playoff game rooting for the Dawgs!
  7. I have a lot of respect for the winning programs. Starting small and working up there is Tenaha, Garrison, Newton, Carthage, and even Logansport La. that I keep up with. Aside from Newton I know for a fact that these other towns mentioned have players come in from other areas. A few other places that come to mind are Refugio and Mart. I'm not accusing them of recruiting because they probably don't. The kids just show up for better opportunities. The strong bloodlines are definitely a factor, but going decades of deep playoff runs there has to be at least a little help from elsewhere.. Right? Celina back in it's heyday was the same thing. People in the surrounding areas wanted their kids to play for legendary coach G.A. Moore. He was accused of recruiting, but he really didn't have to. The kids came to him. With that being said I give big props to Newton. They were amazing to watch at AT&T stadium last year, and I will be front row this year to watch them repeat, but isn't it fair to say that they do have at least a little help aside from the strong bloodlines? I'm sure this is really infuriating some long time, die hard, Newton Eagle fan, but take it as a compliment. Your program is top of the line!
  8. Yes, on that night Carthage could not stop the Pleasant Grove running game. . A good running team can beat them.
  9. I thought the same thing about concussions and head injuries until I became involved. The fact is there are more head injuries in flag football. There are several studies that prove this. Knees to the head or falling on the ground is usually the culprit. With the new heads up way of playing the game it is much safer. The rugby style, or hawk tackle can be performed without pads. I have been involved in youth football now for 7 years in a small town and I know of two concussions in our community. One was before the kids were in pads and the kid hit his head on the ground , and the other was caused by a kid that was playing in the wrong age group. He was too old, and over the allowed weight to handle the ball. If leagues are regulated properly very few injuries happen in youth tackle ball. My guess would be there are almost as many in basketball. If anyone has watched a little dribblers basketball game most of them are like a tackle football game! The big problem is integrity, or lack of. Most coaches can't control themselves if they have a chance to play an illegal kid and get away with it. I think felony criminal charges should be put in place for these infractions.
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