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  1. DF takes the ship, they have the speed and confidence after their win over us to win it all jmo
  2. Hats off to DF, first 3a team to beat the Eagles in 55 games.
  3. I’m afraid your overated enthusiasm gonna leave a sour taste in your mouth when it’s over with, all of our players are back and chomping at the bit to leave the Tigers in total dismay just like last year. Just picture it ( Tigers standing everywhere with their helmets in their hands wondering WTH just happened) morning
  4. Been so busy, only been to one game this year. My personal opinion on this game - whoever shows up with there A game and key players at full potential will win , now I’m pulling for my Eagles of course ( Purple Pride) . Don’t mistake the 42 points that New Diana hung on us for weakness, we had 4or 5 key players out and when you have no more depth than we have, that makes a huge difference. Jmo Good luck to both teams and safe travels.
  5. Wow, congratulations Gilmer. Good luck on your season .
  6. That’s right, it was the year before when we won state also, my bad. Carthage had an amazing QB that year!
  7. Your right, it was and Carthage has a QB that was amazing!
  8. No excuses, if you can beat us that’s fine but Carthage should have 40 more points on y’all. Wasn’t the Carthage that I seen at state last year. JS
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