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  1. True and for more safety they can light up the area that opposing teams are required to hike through to get to the field.
  2. And most of those stats are from playing only about a half. The Pitt stats were the result of only a little more than 1.5 qtrs
  3. Dawgs by 9 I think Manning and Paddie will have big games with the Mavs focusing on trying to slow/stop Hatten
  4. I know…. I was talking about the other guy
  5. How is that possible if his Parent (mom) was coming to coach?
  6. Since there is not much going on right now, let's take a trip down memory lane and discuss the top 3 games and the top 3 plays that you witnessed of the team that you support. Games by the Dawgs 1. 2010 Brownwood- Dawgs beat a team that was supposedly unbeatable on the way to a 3peat 2. 2008 Celina - 1st Title and last HS game at Tx stadium 3: 2013- Kilgore- East Tx bragging rights and state title was on the line "Respect the K"...lol Plays 1. 2008 4th down Stiff arm TD run by Dwight Smith against Celina 2: 2010 70 plus yard TD run by Hunter Holland against all of that world class Dallas Madison speed 3. 2016 - Trey Gatlin ran down a Stafford player after a blocked PAT to secure the 1 pt win
  7. Player- Dwight Smith Team-Dawgs’17 version Game- Carthage vs Brownwood 2010
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