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  1. https://news.yahoo.com/idaho-high-school-football-game-184821564.html
  2. The Dawgs received their championship rings today and they are NICE https://www.kltv.com/2020/05/26/bling-bling-carthage-bulldogs-receive-a-state-championship-rings/
  3. Fair, but remember that the Dawgs only need to be better than the Pirates are on Friday
  4. When I made the statement about getting deep in his playbook, I was talking about plays, sets and formations that he has already used. Some of which worked and were filed away and never used again this season. I have a feeling we'll see some of those plays. Remember Surratt will run the same play out of 5 or 6 different looks just to cause confusion. I think #28 will be more involved this week and could be the difference
  5. That play was the same play that the Dawgs have used multiple times during the Surratt era....the '08 title game and the PG game this year are times that It's worked. Last night it failed for a couple of reasons but i bet Surratt will not hesitate to use it again if he feels that the time is right for it or any other "special" plays
  6. Surratt goes deep in the playbook and the Dawgs get it done
  7. I’d like to see home and home games vs la Vega and Argyle
  8. I think the pre district schedule will depend on where the Dawgs land (district, region, etc...) Coach S has tendency to schedule teams that run similar styles that he may see in the playoffs
  9. Dixon got hurt in the 2nd game as a soph and missed the rest of the season
  10. The people in Tatum should pray that never happens
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