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  1. I think it was more of the sun for #7. He doesn’t drop or miss balls
  2. Drops by one of the guys is rare and you probably wont see him drop another one.
  3. Why do you think they started celebrating and eating all those Yams? They wanted to have a family reunion but needed some food that wasn't to hard on those gums.
  4. Whoa, nice comeback. Did your Cousin or Dad help you come up with that one? Sorry, I forgot I was talking to a guy from Gilmer so your Dad is your Cousin.
  5. I have learned to never count the Bucks out and I’m sure that’s the message that coach Surratt is preaching this week
  6. Wait until KJ breaks one and they will whine about Carthage's "leaglized holding"
  7. If you look back at the title runs, there always seems to be one game that the Dawgs steal a win when they probably shouldn’t have won bc of all the self inflicted wounds. They normally follow those games up looking like bonafide championship contenders. I hope that’s the case this week.
  8. Always seem to be good games between these 2 regardless of their records. Good luck to your Bucks. Not sure that they'll need any luck according to sportsguru
  9. The Dawgs have more turnovers in that place than they normally do all season.
  10. Even though the Dawgs are undefeated there, I hate that place. Strange things always seem to happen there that are not normal for the Dawgs.
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