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  1. Yep. Have to find a way to be more diverse, especially at this point in the playoffs. I agree with you there.
  2. Our Oline was a weak link early in the year. They have improved greatly as the year has progressed, however, imo we will have to be creative and mix it up some on offense. Running #0 up the middle every play won't work. Our center will also have to get the ball up and quit rolling it on the ground back to the QB/RB. We will have to eliminate mistakes and play sound. I expect a low scoring game. Penalties, mistakes, and whoever can sneak in a big play or two I think will determine the outcome of this one.
  3. I expect a low scoring game for sure.
  4. Yes, it did! Tensions will be high again I'm sure, but I hope both teams can keep it under control and keep it clean.
  5. Looks like the game will be Friday, 7:00pm in Forney.
  6. We meet again. Third year in a row post season. MV prevailed in first two meetings. What happens this year? Friday, 7:00pm in Forney
  7. I'll admit, I'm being bitter and disgruntled. Not at the kids, but I guess regardless they get the brunt of it. They are used to being on top and now they are trying to just hang on as long as they can. I'm disappointed at the coaching staff. I'm not a coach. I realize that and I know my opinion is as useless as the teets on a bore hog, but it just seems like to me we could have figured out a little more on offense to change things up a little....maybe this is the best we can do and I'm being too critical, I don't know. I just keep thinking each week we will see something different, but it just the same. I can't tell that we have a game plan at all. But for what it's worth, I've said my peace and will refrain from the negativity from here on out. We have a group of great kids out there that by heart are not quitters and give it their all. I've not seen them give up and quit in 4 years!! This year has been hard on them and yet they are still playing post season. To the kids, I apologize for the negativity that I've shown, it's not toward you. Buckle your chin straps up and get out there and show everyone what MV Tigers are made of!!
  8. Actually we did get two players back, and they are the two that got the two interceptions.
  9. Well if you can't tell, I'm a little disgruntled. Lol. Y'all stop up the middle, y'all will play another week.
  10. Yep! You are correct!! The thing is, we've had since week three to change things up and have done not one thing. It's pretty much to late at this point. We'll do the same thing I'm sure.
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