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  1. The Bremond QB from 2016 is the only other winner from a 2A school. Tough to win that award from that level. Bussey has some crazy stats.
  2. I would say just across the border in West Texas. Albany and Hawley are what, near Abilene.
  3. I believe that PNG will win. They have already knocked off LBJ and FB Marshall. They are playing very well right now
  4. A couple of weeks ago, I would have said China Spring for sure. But, with what Boerne has done the last couple of weeks, I might give the nod to Boerne. Expecting a good game
  5. And Mike Renfro caught that ball for the Oilers in the ‘79 AFC Championship. Some things we’ll never forget.
  6. Well, the guy with the ball didn’t score. Ref must have been watching one of the blocking backs. QB was clearly 3 feet short. Refs buddy’s should have overruled him on an obvious miss.
  7. Yes, I don’t remember any of these 6 mile away lightning detectors in the 80’s and 90’s. You just played until you saw lightning. I think the 30 minute rule is similar to the 6 foot Covid distance rule. It’s more of a “feel good” than anything scientific.
  8. Wait, Wut? I thought strength of schedule and all that speed ? The big slow boys from Boerne won?
  9. Burton scored twice in the last 6 minutes.
  10. 41-0 now in the 4th. Yawn.
  11. Mart leads 14-0 in 2nd Qtr.
  12. Basically in Boerne’s backyard vs. 5 hours travel for CH. Long way to go. Could make a difference.
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