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  1. Great game Waskom, y’all kicked our tails. No if, ands or buts. Congratulations. Maybe next year.
  2. Should be one heck of a game. I’ll be there to watch in person the outcome. Great season for both teams. I hope it is an injury free game. Good luck to both teams. See y’all tomorrow night.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels for all
  4. Should be a great game, I thought I might get to come and watch it, but personal commitments will keep me from it. I just hope that we will be playing the winner next week.
  5. What I wouldn’t have gave to have played my championship game in AT&T. No
  6. I’ve seen a lot of videos, yet to see one where a real threat is made
  7. I’m not about just handing money out to anyone, no matter who comes up with it
  8. As long as it’s a threat, punish away. But I’ll make sure you’re not re-elected to the school board is not a threat
  9. Well, you bow down and live in fear. Me, myself and I choose to live free or die. That simple.
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