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  1. All I want is a good injury free game. Everybody left is good, got to play a good game. I guarantee an Eagle victory. LOL
  2. That was me saying that, tigernationfan and I was just blowing hot air. That was quite a nail biter, a great game, the shame to that was somebody had to lose.
  3. Good game, both teams made too many mistakes. We can tie the series up next year. LOL
  4. Now with that being said, we got a defense and y’all don’t. Tigers may not get over this beat down for years to come.
  5. All my talk on here is just . Ain’t no amount of talk on here going to change the outcome of the game,ain’t nothing from the past going to affect the outcome. I do it with DF because that’s what they do. They do it like it is going to affect the game, sorry it won’t. I look for a good injury free game. That’s all I can ask for and may the best team win.
  6. I’m 66 years old, overweight and got diabetes, unvaccinated, did not wear a mask. Other than the issues I had before Covid, I’m healthy as a horse, shove that shot
  7. In all honesty, I don’t know how this game will turn out, this is high school football with a bunch of teenagers playing. It could turn on one turn over.
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