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  1. Great game Waskom, y’all kicked our tails. No if, ands or buts. Congratulations. Maybe next year.
  2. Should be one heck of a game. I’ll be there to watch in person the outcome. Great season for both teams. I hope it is an injury free game. Good luck to both teams. See y’all tomorrow night.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels for all
  4. Should be a great game, I thought I might get to come and watch it, but personal commitments will keep me from it. I just hope that we will be playing the winner next week.
  5. What I wouldn’t have gave to have played my championship game in AT&T. No
  6. I’ve seen a lot of videos, yet to see one where a real threat is made
  7. I’m not about just handing money out to anyone, no matter who comes up with it
  8. As long as it’s a threat, punish away. But I’ll make sure you’re not re-elected to the school board is not a threat
  9. Well, you bow down and live in fear. Me, myself and I choose to live free or die. That simple.
  10. My body, my choice, period. If I catch it and die, so be it. Until then all you commie sheep, can kiss my TobinFrost
  11. What happened to all the other deaths and illnesses in the world? Did they just go away? Corona virus, political and fear instrument
  12. Just kiss Biden’s TobinFrost and believe everything in the world is okay. I don’t and won’t
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