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  1. I'm a world traveler, and I'm very proud of Newton, I brag on my little town all the time. Most people probably really don't want to hear it, or really can't understand what a great place Newton is, or the special bond the people have there between each other. Maybe if you haven't visited other places or spent extensive time in other places, maybe even you or someone who never lived outside of East Texas know what a special place it is. But I'm very proud of Newton and our football program. I often recommend people to read between the white lines. It's our story as well, not just W.T's.
  2. My side is, I'm and Eagle fan! But if there is problems, fix them. If there is problems in the company you work for, find out the root cause of the problems, and fix it, and make your company more profitable and productive. Same with your political affiliation, nobody's perfect but everyone can improve. Same applies here. You may not agree with my analogy, and, I may not agree with yours. I'm going to state my opinion and that doesn't make me ignorant, as you say. It likely say more about you, than me. I don't kiss any coach or politician or any one elses rear. If anyone that goes to Newton's
  3. That little statistic didn't really hold true
  4. Agreed! I know people from Newton don't like to hear it, but they need to fix themselves. If they don't eventually the fans will get tired of not making deep runs into the playoffs. I think you need to get the potential out of the athletes. Just as you should get the potential out of your employees to make your company better. If you don't you may find yourself out of buisiness. I think Newton gets it together in the next few weeks. But they haven't had it together most of this year. I'm not trying to offend anyone, it's just my opinion and I'm going to speak my mind and I'm a die hard New
  5. The fog only benefited one team? They should have brought the fog with them every week
  6. True dat! They are playing terrible but they will probably get it together for a few more games, but they will lose in the end to and inferior athletic team due to the issues you mentioned. I'm a Newton fan but the truth is the truth. They need to fix the problems, by whatever means necessary
  7. Newton has the skilled athletes. IMO They look great at some points and terrible at others in the same game. Due mostly to discipline, penalties and bad play specifically on the offensive line. They obviously have no kicking game whatsoever. I blame discipline, and even the kicking game, on the coaching staff. I've said it before, if you have all that great talent you should also develop a kicker, every year. They haven't and aren't going to change the rules, we will likely be kicking off as long as we play football. Develope a kicker! Every year. Please tell me they are doing that at this
  8. I'd have to agree. Newton with 135 yards penalties. They have been penalized like this more than two games this year. No discipline and that is a coaching problem imo
  9. Hemphill beats CC 40-21 shake up in District 12
  10. Newton has I believe 115 yards in penalties.
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