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  1. Good stuff, RETIREDFAN1. By the way does anyone remember George Blanda. I think he played til he was 50. Lol that was some good times also. I was a fan of the Raiders back then.
  2. Wow, that makes me a little emotional. I feel the same way.
  3. This game hurt me the most, since GB beat Dallas.
  4. I didn’t know that!! Can’t be all bad then. Lol
  5. So true. I don’t know enough to talk smack. I just love reading y’all’s. Lol
  6. Boy did that show Friday night. Speed wasn’t a factor, on either side. It came down to grit, and determination.
  7. I was writing our Eagles obituary a few times that night. Especially on that series you mentioned. It was maddening to have to listen on the stream. You can’t get a full picture of the setting of the game. But, the end result sure felt good.
  8. Thanks for the video. Is John Meek doing any videos? I can’t seem to find any.
  9. Congratulations to the Newton Eagles, on a hard fought win. You showed a lot of grit and determination as well as athleticism in this fabulous win. Looking forward to listening next week. Go Eagles
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