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  1. I worry, when the Cowboys clinch anything too early. They have a history of slacking off, and trying to coast. We'll see if it happens this year.
  2. Been a long time coming. Best of luck SOC.
  3. Kudos to those Waskom Wildcats. They played their hearts out against A very good Franklin team. They did come to play. I think Franklin will take this game. I've said it all year, and I'm sticking with it.
  4. Prayers for the family. Let God be your strength. He don't mind.
  5. Makes sense to me. Although I did notice that Palestine was a good neutral site. Facilities aren't bad.
  6. I think the Region surrounding area cities should be considered in picking sites. It would increase their ticket sales. This will be one whale of a game.
  7. Not giving up on em just yet. Week thirteen will have all starters back save D Wilson. They should make a good run from here out. I am just bum-fuzzled as to why the offense has gone south so bad lately.
  8. Exactly right Lobo!! Brown. Had both hands up in the air, and his body was not even touching the receiver. Bad, Bad call.
  9. Tenaha, Timpson, Bo-Bo and Blair at the end of the game you'll see that dancing I've got a million of em.
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