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  1. Now, that's the Eagles, I know and love. New Waverly may not be as tough as I thought. They fell to Normagee 40 to 24
  2. Man, it's tough in the valley after being on that mountain the last three years. Never count the Eagles out though. They have some great kids down there. Bringing back only three starters on offense, and two on defense is gonna be hard to overcome. It may be mid year before they jell. I'll be keeping my eye on New Waverly this year. They may be pretty tough in District twelve. Go
  3. Way too early State 3A Div 2 football rankings. It's all fun though. Looks to me like much of this is based on reputation anyway. 1 Gunter 1-1 33.6 19.1 2 Canadian 1-1 19.0 12.3 3 East Bernard 2-0 18.1 -7.0 4 Idalou 2-0 17.7 -1.7 5 Pewitt (Omaha) 1-0 15.6 2.4 6 Newto
  4. I think the restructure of Tyron Smith's contract has more to do With positioning for the 2021 draft. If not; sign the dude. McCarthy will make him behave. + Jerry would probably insert a moral terpitude clause in his contract. He was definetly on the McCoy injury. Thing.
  5. It never ceases to amaze me how Roger Goodell loves to tweak Jerry Jones cheeks. Anytime he can rub salt in jerry's wounds he will do it. My question is ; ' Where is the players union in support of the players'. Seems as though the union only wants to get involved in union contracts, and how much they can squeeze out of the NFL for their pet projects. Randy deserves a hearing from Goodell as soon as possible to be fair to the man. The union should put pressure on Goodell to at least give the man a decision. The policy is a 60 day decision after the player's request for reinstatement. Goodell
  6. The first thought I had when I read about this guy buying the XFL was; what a treasure trove of athletes will be available to the league because of the Covid shortened NFL season. There are going to be many good athletes available because NFL teams can only carry 80 not 90 players in pre season. . But, mainely the shortened pre season will not give some good players a chance to get enough reps to prove themselves. All the XFL has to do is allow fans in the stadiums without masks and all the nonsense that goes with it and the fans will come. They proved that last year. Keep the politics o
  7. This is insane. Thank you Roger the dodger. This nonsense, doesn't unite, it only devides. I too want my Country back
  8. I watched a little of that game yesterday. I couldn't finish it. It hurt too bad. That was the "Get the monkey off my back" year for Steve Young. It was also the year Jimmie Johnson should have been allowed to try and win three Super Bowls in a row, but for Jerry Jones' ego. it was obvious, the Cowboys were not ready to play that game. Their focus was just not there.
  9. Everyone is assuming a first and third for Adams. Let's not forget; he is in a contract dispute with the Jets right now. If They can't get him signed, the asking price may go up. Just a thought.
  10. Randy Greagory applied for reinstatement 60 days ago. Goodell is on the hook to rule on him today according to CBA rules. Let's see if he does.
  11. Cowboys keep on rollin'. Don't know what the price tag is for Erving, but I wonder where all the Money is coming from, what with trying to sign Dak. You reckon they feel like they have a deal already? I like the aggressiveness of MCarthy and Company. https://insidethestar.com/cowboys-sign-versatile-ol-cameron-erving-former-1st-round-pick/
  12. If this idiot tries to go up against the NFL, and NBA: He will lose spectacularly. Open mouth, insert foot Mayor!!
  13. Take a look at this kid, and tell me who he reminds you of. I have seldom seen a kid that young with the knack of accuracy he has. Whether on the run or stationary. It looks like he has super sharp recognition as well. I predict McCarthy will groom him into a fine quarterback. One sports writer stated, he was a McCarthy pick totally.
  14. I had to laugh outloud when I saw your headline. Just last week I was reading an article, that commented what a mistake It was to draft Charlton. A commenter on the site stated that he watched Taco play in high school, and he was lazy, and unmotivated. Someone else predicted that the Dolphins would probably cut him this next year because of attitude, and poor play. Then three days later Miami cut him loose. Karma is a ###. Go Cowboys
  15. I don't know anything about this guy, I can't comment on whether or not this is a good signing. However, I do like Hongry players. From what I have read, the guy was a beast. we'll see, I guess.
  16. What's his name and high school. Willy Ray Smith is the award, right?
  17. Wow, Abernathy! They had a banner year in 2019. Must have lost a ton of players, or the coach moved on to greener pastures
  18. Hear we go boys. Dez and Stephan texting each other. I predict that Dez will be on the pre season roster in the fall. I couldn't help but notice on the Bleacher Report that Dez said " I'm ready and hungry ". Which I predicted, by the way. He sounds hungry, and ready to make a splash. Could do worse! https://insidethestar.com/former-cowboys-wr-dez-bryant-in-the-lab-at-the-star-in-frisco/
  19. That is why I despise those stupid celebrations. Just sit down and shut up. You ain't won the game yet. Win, then celebrate. It makes you look stupid in the end.
  20. One of the commenters on The Star said McCarty wanted him at Green Bay. I don't know if that still holds true or not. I had never heard that. Only time will tell.
  21. Dez has started to lobby the Cowboys to return. I think it is a good idea. What do ya'll think.
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