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  1. Glad to be wrong. Proud for Matthew Stafford, good Texas boy. First Super Bowl. That hug his wife gave him down on the field, was just super special.
  2. This game will be a slobber knocker barring injuries from previous games. What I saw from SAN Fran against Dallas, and Green Bay impressed me a lot. 49ers defense is very aggressive,and flies all over the field. Obviously that kind of play can cause injuries so I don't know what their injury situation is right now aside from Trent Williams. These guys are playing with a vengeance, and have already beat the Rams at least twice this year. The Divisional games with Cincinnati , and Tenn. as well as Green Bay, and San Fran were the best defensive games I have seen in a while. I'm sticking with San Fran in this one.
  3. I worry, when the Cowboys clinch anything too early. They have a history of slacking off, and trying to coast. We'll see if it happens this year.
  4. Been a long time coming. Best of luck SOC.
  5. Kudos to those Waskom Wildcats. They played their hearts out against A very good Franklin team. They did come to play. I think Franklin will take this game. I've said it all year, and I'm sticking with it.
  6. Prayers for the family. Let God be your strength. He don't mind.
  7. Makes sense to me. Although I did notice that Palestine was a good neutral site. Facilities aren't bad.
  8. I think the Region surrounding area cities should be considered in picking sites. It would increase their ticket sales. This will be one whale of a game.
  9. Not giving up on em just yet. Week thirteen will have all starters back save D Wilson. They should make a good run from here out. I am just bum-fuzzled as to why the offense has gone south so bad lately.
  10. Exactly right Lobo!! Brown. Had both hands up in the air, and his body was not even touching the receiver. Bad, Bad call.
  11. Tenaha, Timpson, Bo-Bo and Blair at the end of the game you'll see that dancing I've got a million of em.
  12. Gunter is not going to have any competition until they meet Franklin. That will be one heck of a game. I'm picking Franklin in that one by one score.
  13. Thanks, looking forward to it. I was reading the comments on Daingerfield, and West Rusk when I got your notification. I can't enjoy anything more than those Tiger hands bragging about their team. They are a hoot. If you're going anywhere Friday night, be careful, and get home safe. I wish that to everybody who is traveling.
  14. I was on the fence for this one until I watched the videos of Newton, and Harlton, then Newton, and DeKalb. The Eagles have found a bit of a passing game which makes them two deminsional. I believe that will allow Newton to pull this one out provided their defense plays like they should.
  15. Good analysis: I have noticed the Cowboys defense by the most part is swarming like crazy this year. Lots of hustle.
  16. KC's defense is suspect right now. I believe Dallas can take advantage of that weakness. And, if the Cowboys play defense the way they did against Atlanta, they will win by three touchdowns. The football Gods are smiling on the Cowboys this year Cowboys Anthony Brown: " Coach McCarthy is always saying how we are gonna get a teams best shot. I was like , ' how bout we give them our best shot. Lets see if they can handle us. Lets shoot first, and see how they respond.'" Put your money where your mouth is Boys.
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