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  1. how many high schools football teams are in the county with Carthage
  2. jasper is good and will do very well this year and people are saying they will be a playoff team.
  3. thank you mike i am so behind time it stinks
  4. this will match two of the fastest 4a dist champs again wo-s vs jasper this will stack up two of the larges defenses both teams have seen in a while.
  5. walk in and out of the new dressing room over at west orange stark it says defense wins championships last year wo-s had the top defense in the state in 4a only virus and a very good young china springs football sent them home.
  6. Mr BuddyGarrity I did not mean to upset you are others I said they might not saying they will 10-4 good buddy
  7. no cant happen Carthage might be watching the state finials from home same for wo-s you do see I put (might)
  8. we would like to know how many high schools teams are in the county with carthage in orange county there are five
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