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  1. We all know why NL folks dont want to consolidate with Paris.
  2. If you have Twitter go to coach Holmes page he been retweeting anything that has to due with UTSA. I could be wrong but I’ve never seen him post this much about any college.
  3. Any ideas on who you guys think this could be? I’m betting coach Holmes is headed to UTSA. There has been a lot of interaction at least on twitter between the Traylor brothers and coach Holmes.
  4. I was at the games I been supporting Lee since I first moved to Tyler and still support them even tho I live in the DFW so no I don’t drink Tyler water. I’m not saying throw them a parade I’m just saying they have showed improvement and for somebody who has watched them it just shows what can happen when you put some one in position that actually believes in the kids. I ain’t tryna ruffle nobody feathers
  5. I would like to see some of y’all out from behind that phone or computer screen. Y’all act like those players don’t have access to the BS y’all say. A bunch of grown men constantly putting kids down.
  6. You think I care about a rating? Coach Traylor and them boys have worked hard to get better each day and I constantly see them getting disrespected on here. Them tables always turn remember that.
  7. Exactly why they should have found a way to build one high school.
  8. Not sure why they changed it but what do you guys think?
  9. Isn’t he coach related to coach Traylor? I don’t think he left. His twitter stuff still says Tyler Lee and he still tweets about them.
  10. I also heard the receiver coach was leaving as well. I don’t know his name tho.
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