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  1. Suprised at the score not the outcome. Wish Brady and Belichick would just retire now. 6 Superbowls ties Pittsburgh with all time. 6-3 for Brady 6-5 as an organization. (1985 and 1996 Loss to bears/packers)
  2. Umm one was the other not so much I guess Maybe week 1 LoL
  3. Those uniforms and field looks awful familiar
  4. Most folks are like that actually but I get your point
  5. Not true always respond and i usually get a sign LoL
  6. Bill belichick after he wins Sunday
  7. Kinda wish Spring Hill would go like Gladewater & Atlanta and play 3a ball. They wouldn't be Champs or anything but definitely have respectability.
  8. 23-27 Mavs are currently in 12th place anyone expecting a playoff push?
  9. Great move by Dallas will push them into being a contender next year instead of dumpster fire. Great move by the Nick's if they can land Durant, Butler and maybe Zion. That's a lot of ifs but potentially could be big.
  10. Actually Bryant could and my opinion re transfer http://bleacherreport.com/post/college-football/b35f13da-5e08-440e-ac6a-72e53117f154
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