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  1. Congratulations! What a great program Beckville has. Was there to see the Area match this past weekend in Longview. I’m not going to call the schools name on here but that match was pathetic! It’s my opinion that only 2 teams go to the playoffs from each district in volleyball especially in 3A down. That team may have earned 6 points. The rest were Beckville errors playing down to another level. UIL really needs to look into this in my opinion. Best wishes t-dub on another state title run!
  2. Final 76-21 Beckville! Bearcats: clean up the penalties! No excuse for all that nonsense.
  3. Beckville travels to Frankston Friday night to decide the top team in the district. Can Frankston keep their winning streak alive or does Beckville continue theirs? Who you got?
  4. Timpson wins! And Timpson’s band will fill those pathetic visitor stands so you will need to get there at 2:30 if you want to sit……if you stand on the fence you’re the same height as their top row stands! Terrible! But their new turf looks sharp.
  5. Beckville is strong and If they could get everyone healthy they would be very strong, and they are young. Great team, great coaching staff. Huge fan support.
  6. Final 51-19 Bearcats. EF never gave up. Hats off to their team. Prayers for the injured player.
  7. Who wins this game? Heard Bville has several out due to injuries.
  8. They defeated a lot of great teams this season from 6A to 2A. They’ll be back next year too but will really miss that senior middle hitter.
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