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  1. 1.) Eric King 2.) Benny Mitchell If you have a technicality that makes you right and me wrong go right ahead. Mitchell may have 13-1 and not 14-1 in 1997. I was little back then, so if you have the fact check you win bud. It completely disproves my point that EF has ran off good coaches and also had some really good coaches come and go after 2-3 years.
  2. Yes but this is EF we’re talking about. More directed at them specifically in context. This is the school that with admin in place has let more than one HC/AD go that went to the 5th round of the playoffs. I do hope it goes well, never rooting against anyone. EF just has a track record that speaks for itself.
  3. Your right I did misread that one, she was an elementary ASSISTANT principal… even better.
  4. You got me again… I will re-phrase she has never hired anyone as important for a district as the HC/AD. Her first time doing so was in a very rare circumstance that was way outside of the norm for any school district. She was not alone on the committee but was the main voice in selecting the final candidates that were presented to the committee. “Never hired anyone” was hyperbole. She has been a campus head principal so has probably hired a few classroom teachers before.
  5. I’ve seen guys comment on a message board not knowing the interim sup being referred to is a female and not a male also. To your point no, she was not alone. My main point was EF placed someone who has never hired anyone in the position of leading the hiring committee for the HC/AD which is a big decision for the district. The next point was someone not from the area may be walking into a situation that is yet to develop. A good relationship with the Sup and Campus princiapals is imperative for a new HC/AD and those positions are all still up in the air. Might not last long if a lot of things don’t go right in the district.
  6. Congrats to Coach Ragle, I know a lot of people wanted him last time. Hope it works out for him.
  7. Yep, I'd take a lot of money across state lines and wager that when this process started that an OC from Wichita Falls was not what the community was hoping for. Knowing some of the names that were floated out there as front runners at different times in the search, this is a bit of a head scratcher. But hey, that's what can happen when you give an interim Sup the keys to the city. It will be interesting to see how long this relationship lasts with all the administrative changes that have yet to be made. I'd set the line at two years tops, wouldn't be surprised if it was less.
  8. Sorry, just the Jack Alvarez reference on a different thread as a “main dish during the holidays” has put me over the top with code speak lately.
  9. Heath Ragle for all of y’all who don’t get the jacket reference
  10. Have they narrowed down and contacted the ones they will be interviewing first round.?
  11. Hope that’s the case. I was referring to the AD spot. Rooting for whomever takes over in both positions.
  12. I hear ya. Just curious. It’s gonna take someone special to want to come in and be apart of the current state of affairs. Definitely going to need someone with a vested interest in the community because the longer this goes on, it ain’t looking good for the candidate pool.
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