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  1. I would also like to see the Class B alignments.
  2. I have old realignments form before 1930 to 1959.
  3. Game is Saturday. Ward's Las Vegas Cheyenne team Vs. Virgin Valley.
  4. They did and made the playoffs with a young bunch. We will see what happens when they finally play someone this year.
  5. As I said before..Mount has only played creampuffs so far...and the new coach inherited what Holzhauer put together.
  6. Lets see what happens when Mount actually plays somebody...10 creampuffs on the schedule.
  7. Saw that Tenaha is appealing a player eligibility to UIL. What gives if anyone knows?
  8. Rusk Coach is moving JV Quarterback to the Varsity for tonights game...just ruined a decent JV for no reason...Great move Coach.
  9. I don't believe Rusk will win the district this year...my question to the Eagles is this...Why only 20 on the varsity? And is there a JV or Ninth team?
  10. JacketsFan28...I agree with your post...evidently a good number of players have quit...should have more than 20 on Varsity.
  11. Evidently Rusk has some coaching issues.
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