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  1. West Rusk wins second game 9-1 over New Diana. Then takes the third game 2-0. West Rusk vs Winnsboro Friday 13th @ Cumberland Academy in Tyler and Saturday 14th @ Grand Saline.
  2. West Rusk wins the region2 track meet in Whitehouse yesterday. Going to state: 4x1 relay, 4x2 relay Andon Mata 200 meters Calvin Mason shot put Good job Raiders.
  3. You would think since it is so late in the year they probably know who the replacement is already. That would be my guess.
  4. West Rusk hired the best head basketball.
  5. WR would beat the crap out of every one except Malakoff. You need to quit the drugs.
  6. MV will beat Brock by 3tds. They are both lucky they are in 3A-D1. Neither could beat Waskom or Franklin.
  7. I myself enjoyed this game. 2 really good teams played hard. Lots of trash talking on the field from both teams. I think both coaches did what they needed to give their kids the chance to win. In the end DF won this game, with a freshman qb coming in, that's awesome. I pray for the DF qb to heal quick, he is a great athlete. I'm very proud of these Raiders and will be here next year to support them. Good luck DF next week, who ever you play will have their hand full trying to beat you guys.
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