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  1. I was totally wrong. I don't even think that it was because DF played bad. I think two evenly matched teams went toe to toe and Tidehaven came out the better team. My prediction is what it is. I was truly impressed with the Tidehaven team. Good luck moving forward.
  2. Don't see Malakoff giving up 41 to anyone. I've been wrong before. Will be a good game.
  3. A month ago I would have thought the same thing. I watched Gunter/Jacksboro first half and was surprised to see Jacksboro go toe to toe with Gunter. I think Canadian may be too much for Gunter. I really think Harmony woke up Dangerfield the last district game. They have as many if not more athletes than Gunter or Canadian. I truly believe DF will get to the ship. They are good enough to win, the only reason they would get beat by any team left in 3A D2 is if they get in their own way. Which a month ago I would have said that is possible. I think now they are on a mission, don't let me down DF. I'm not a DF fan just a Friday Night Football fan.
  4. Dangerfield will beat Tidehaven by 40
  5. I am a High school football fan. I'm from neither Malakoff or Winnsboro, I just enjoy Friday night football more than any other. It is just my prediction/opinion that Malakoff will win by the same score as last year or close to it.
  6. And Teague put 28 on y'all, go back and look at Malakoff vs Teague score. This doesn't matter except you brought up the MV 21 points.
  7. I do not know the name of every kid that was brought back from last year. I do know, from reading up on both teams, that neither graduated very much. I said in my post that this was my prediction/opinion. Obviously I'm not knowledgeable enough, in your eyes, to have an opinion. Do not take offense to my prediction it doesn't mean I think Winnsboro it is a bad team. I just believe that Malakoff is a better team. What I say means nothing for the outcome of this game. Just posting on a game forum, as is everyone else in here. Have a good day.
  8. Koff wins this one close to the same score as last year. Both teams brought back pretty much the same team. Winnsboro has improved but so has Malakoff. I was there last year and hate that they didn't play this one in Tyler again. I will probably hear a lot of flack and backlash for my prediction, but that is exactly what it is. My prediction.
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