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  1. You'd think......but don't ass_u_me!
  2. Make the point of......"I'm going to get you back because you brought all the cheating we are doing to light!"
  3. Howe? That's funny right there
  4. What if they know what it takes to be successful every day but there are still no athletes? asking for a friend
  5. I keep scratching my head about several hires that happen like this.......
  6. Do they have more Jimmy's and Joe's coming on the ballot??? That seems to be a need
  7. New Diana has had the best hire since they hired an Athletic Director that is also the Head Football Coach. Good luck.
  8. “We have a pool and a pond. A pond would be good for you.” – Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) Caddyshack
  9. Ask this question again in December....
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