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  1. I predict 1-9 next year... great time to be a Lion.
  2. Willing to bet this doesn't age well....
  3. From what I was told not a single varsity football coach is returning. All opted to go other directions. Contracts went out before the hire and there were no non-renewals.
  4. I only mentioned the BskB coach because I was told, by someone there, regardless of whether he was AD or not..... W had a hand in that happening.
  5. How many football coaches does Henderson have at the Varsity level? How many varsity coaches from last years staff are returning?
  6. " As a head coach hiring committee, if I'm hiring, I'm a little bit leery of only 1 year of HC experience with a 4-7 record. " I personally wondered how he got the Detroit job, but then I'm not very smart and wonder about MANY things. (Although he does have a good press agent in MAUDITE) While you're at that though, I wonder if the recently let go head basketball coach at Detroit would have good things to say about Woods. Pretty sure that basketball coach had been there several years with some success and then in Woods first year gets put out to pasture.....
  7. I could care less one way or the other.........i am rooting for a 6-6 tie for that game.
  8. You think they'd win at 3A-1?
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