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  1. I heard you spent a week in Mexico just to help out your best friend.....even though you took his girlfriend. Turns out your best friend was two years older than you as well.
  3. Why is McClure still involved at all? Just curious
  4. I just can't believe that BACA didn't help turn that thing around this year for the Wabbits.
  5. Would you leave a multi-round playoff program for an 0-10 rebuild?
  6. Did Baca already sign to accept this job or what?
  7. I don't really get the whole..... using a firm thing.....is it that hard to read some resumes?
  8. I don't care who you hire if you don't bring about 10 kids with you.....
  9. spill it. I could use a fun rumor today!
  10. Unless there is something more to the story this is the dumbest thing I have heard in 2022 so far
  11. Unless you have another QB like that, then yes it will drop off some.
  12. This past year was going to be his best year at Beckville, so if there was a time to bounce........
  13. Completely could care less whether someone takes the vaccine or not. I just don't believe there should be these so called mandates to get it.....or lose your job type things.
  14. That was an awfully blue statement. Weird that the capital thing gets brought up on this thread since that's back at all the liberal main stream media is back talking about since they have no other platform to go with but covid fear........
  15. Can the flu virus kill? just curious.
  16. not that it's any one's business, but yes. And I had it on a more dangerous variant than the omicron.
  17. No need for closures for something that causes severe cold symptoms......
  18. I think people need to figure out what TALENT actually is.....
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