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  1. Lobos place. Make all those northern folk come south. We will treat them real nice.
  2. That wrapped it up. Now u can talk about a playoff site.
  3. I am a little silly so I’ve been told but I was raised and born in upshur co. And I’ve never seen Gilmer not win as big as they can. They are a no mercy bunch. Your preaching to the Choir.
  4. Bucs moving well. Staying mostly on the ground. over on downs. WC in about the 6 to start and Sunday just ran for 14 and 9 for seven. Gilmer takes a time out
  5. Gilmer seems to be holding their own. WC can’t put it together. Hate that for them bush running over them.
  6. I can’t see anything. It just keeps turning. I got a pic at the end of the first quarter for a min.
  7. I don’t know but maybe someone will come on and let u know.
  8. Getting ready to watch u guys put a whoppin on WC. I paid to watch. Hope it works. I have a grandson that plays for lake travis and had to watch what I could after game over. y’all go get it!!!
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