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  1. Lobos place. Make all those northern folk come south. We will treat them real nice.
  2. That wrapped it up. Now u can talk about a playoff site.
  3. I am a little silly so I’ve been told but I was raised and born in upshur co. And I’ve never seen Gilmer not win as big as they can. They are a no mercy bunch. Your preaching to the Choir.
  4. Bucs moving well. Staying mostly on the ground. over on downs. WC in about the 6 to start and Sunday just ran for 14 and 9 for seven. Gilmer takes a time out
  5. Gilmer seems to be holding their own. WC can’t put it together. Hate that for them bush running over them.
  6. I can’t see anything. It just keeps turning. I got a pic at the end of the first quarter for a min.
  7. I don’t know but maybe someone will come on and let u know.
  8. Getting ready to watch u guys put a whoppin on WC. I paid to watch. Hope it works. I have a grandson that plays for lake travis and had to watch what I could after game over. y’all go get it!!!
  9. Yes I absolutely do. I’ve seen you beat us 79 to 0. So yes sir, u would have. Another set of downs we would have beat ya.
  10. Well that’s how it was. And you only beat us by 2 the last 2 years. unlike u, we support our district. Like it or not and believe me we would much rather be playing this game than watching Gilmer. We want the state championship. To come from our district. now u got some work to do.
  11. If it’s a 3 TD game I’ll be shocked. Pulling for our district representatives all the way. Bucs can do this but it’s not a cake walk. There offensive line blocks like crazy and they will hold and get by with it if u don’t have some aggressive officiating.
  12. I think Gilmer can do this but they have to stop 9 and 4. They will put down 5 to 6 yards every run. They scored on 6 out of 8 possessions on SH. I think that’s correct. No excuses but SH was far from healthy. Don’t think that would have changed the outcome but certainly could have changed the wide difference in score. Shut down their run and make them pass. They can but they aren’t good at it much. Also hopefully you will have good officiating. Not saying they favored either team. They just didn’t call the game. I think it was so cold they just wanted it over. So much going on they ignored. The wind was a constant 15-18 mph out of the nw. Wish I could come watch but too far Go represent our district Beat the heck out of them is it televised or in radio?
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