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  1. Here are my thoughts on Tyler High's spring game: 1. Biggest Tyler high team in years across the trenches. Physically in SOLID shape on the oline. 2. Defense will definitely be better and the changes on D will help. 3. Plenty of speed of course in the secondary plus experience. 4. McFall is going to be a ABSOLUTE MONSTER in space. Kid is a cheat code. 5. Plenty of depth at the skill positions and we should have a far better jv than the last 3 years. 6. There were 4 qbs really being rotated and #14, Jabraylin Williams, is the likely starter as of now since he ran mostly with the first team. 7. QB will need to continue getting better in 7on7 and summer. #14 is a freshman so I expect a learning curve. Overall, Tyler high will be better in every area from the last 3 years. This is a SOLID team and will give alot teams on our schedule serious issues. I'm came away pleased.
  2. This is STRAIGHT FACTS! Legacy is going to have issues this upcoming season. I'm not saying this out of spite, but reality. They're going to be very young and lack playmakers. Time will bear this out.
  3. Tyler high is going to be solid like I've said before. Were this team again is similar to the 18 group is the running game. Expect a better run game than the last 3 years across the board. That will help whoever wins the qb job. BTW, Legacy is going to STRUGGLE to beat Tyler high or any decent team this year. They may have numbers, but their talent is at its lowest in 4 years.
  4. I don't give into hype at all, but this year's Tyler high team has the potential to be every bit as good as the 18 team if certain things break right. They have SPEED, SIZE AND SOLID DEPTH. Alot of work still ahead.
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