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  1. FACTS! It's definitely true that Holmes is out as Tyler high head coach. Legacy as well.
  2. Totally agree. Defense was abysmal, but credit Marshall.
  3. Well this was not what I expected, but good job to Marshall on today. They kicked our butts good. Disappointed
  4. Defense has been abysmal to say the least. Marshall is due credit for handling us up front. We will see how the 2nd half go.
  5. Looking forward to tomorrow! LET’S GET IT CUJO
  6. No. 14 Jabrayln Williams will be the starter
  7. Tyler high offense did its job overall, but could have done more. Jabraylyn Williams and the back up from Chapel Hill did good tonight. BTW, 20-10 Tyler high through the live and controlled portions of the scrimmage. I give Terrell credit. They came to play. Our defense needs to seriously tighten up, but the wing T is new to this group of Tyler high players. Marshall will be a good game imo. We will have to play much better next week. Definitely things Tyler high needs to work on.
  8. True and Tyler’s numbers are over 150 plus as of right now. This team is not too far from those imo.
  9. I know this was with another school in Ennis, but Holmes is 3-1 against Alvarez and Tyler’s conditioning has been good with the new strength and conditioning coach Dan Eason, who came on 2 years ago I believe. I agree it will come down to Marshall's ability to execute on offense.
  10. I'm going to be honest with you, they are NOT a very good opponent at all. Just moved up to 5A and haven't made the playoffs in years.
  11. They run wing T so it will give us a baseline view of that style of offense.
  12. True. Terrell isn't a particularly strong team at all, but it is good practice against that style of offense. Now Terrell has new OC as well.
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