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  1. I would guess lack of pay is a big reason for a coaching shortage....but that's just me
  2. Best thing he can do is recruit Atl
  3. This is AMAZING....I cannot wait to see how things go here. Great decision Eustace! I applaud your willingness to go out on a limb and just destroy your football program. Takes true bravery.
  4. Brilliant decision. Really going to get things going right for them
  5. sounds like a great place
  6. i'm waiting on someone to start this thread, however, may get flagged by admin
  7. Rick Barker coming back through that door? Anymore Jeff Gladneys or Damian Haskens?
  8. Parents and locals think every school has talent. They are blind to the truth, it's not about your talent. Its how your talents compares against other teams' talent
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