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  1. Yea I know, just curious about their opponents
  2. How good is Kaufman and Canton? Expect them to beat the Texarkana schools or TxK moving on?
  3. i assume most want to maximize their team's potential. Is the slot T maximizing pewitt? I would say yes. proof in the history
  4. thinking it'll split le bullard pg spring hill
  5. agreed. not saying all AD head fb are this way, but see it far too often.
  6. the man doesn't leave bowie county area
  7. whose their ad? basketball?
  8. so i'd assume bullard, spring hill, pg, le and canton are the main threats in the east tx side of the region?
  9. 13/14 matchups as of now Atlanta vs Mineola/Winnsboro New Boston vs Mineola/Winnsboro Redwater vs Mt Vernon Pewitt vs Harmony
  10. really quiet for what should be a good job
  11. Does anyone know the actual accurate standings? Also, looks like 13 district is a mess
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