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  1. I understand why you would think that after the Hooks scrimmage.
  2. You know we scheduled exactly what we needed this year.
  3. As far as our game, idk. Lol. Except it to be a slugfest.
  4. Jefferson did a good job on getting in multiple fronts, depending on what y’all was running. GW special teams was pretty good as well. Just about cost Jefferson the game. They will miss #5 more than they think. He can take over a game.
  5. No doubt! Glad he’s a senior though. To bad his coach doesn’t understand that’s he’s one of the best players on the field. Good luck rest of the way.
  6. I was joking with him. Two games are never the same. That’s us and Jefferson every year as well.
  7. Just throw this out there as well, GW only scored 22 against Sabine. Lol.
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