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  1. Basing it off of multiple games i.e Waskom, Garrison, Joaquin, Centerville. Teams have had success running the ball on Timpson but Cooper will bring more misdirection with better athletes than any of those other teams. Timpson was clearly the better team last night but CVille did themselves no favors with the turnovers and can't expect themselves to come back with their offense. I think Centerville has a better OLine but their offense is super basic. You gotta slow that speed down and get those Timpson athletes reading keys and not just firing at the gaps.
  2. Cooper's gotten hot at the right time. This playoff run is already a huge win for that program & the future is bright for them. This is a chance to pull an upset against the #1 team in the state so they'll be fired up. Haven't been impressed with Timpson's O/D Line so I like the matchup. Cooper can continue to pound the rock and make Timpson play fundamental/read your keys football. Sure Timpson has athletes all over but #10 is the SUPERSTAR. Slow him down and limit his explosive plays and they may have a shot. I think you have to come in doing everything to stop the QB running game and make him air it out. That's the poison i'm pickin. Tackle like they did last night and good zone defense (unlike Joaquin who stuck with man-man) seems like the best way to handle that offense. Ay but don't get it twisted, Cooper has athletes themselves so this'll be a dawgfight.
  3. They had 1 possession (3 & Out) but next possession and rest of the game took it right down their throat
  4. That physicality part has been all Cooper in the 1st half. Shot to really makes things hectic to start the half as they get the ball.
  5. Little side note for this game. Cooper OC was on the San Augustine staff when the Wolves went on that roll a few years back. There is some familiarity with Joaquin and their staff. Cooper's passing game has been huge this year and if they dip in that well early this week they could get Jo on their heels. In the end gunna be a slugfest but I see those Dawgs getting a statement win in the Castorena era.
  6. Centerville too physical for Timpson but I think Timpson finds a way out that game with their athletes making a big play. They'll be licking their wounds no doubt!!
  7. Highlighted #10, #9, #6, and #44 from Cooper and forgot about #5. Kid played his best game on offense all year. Cooper will have a legit shot next week against Jo!
  8. I think that CC is the 2nd toughest team Cooper has played as well, no disrespect of course. They remind me a lot of Honey Grove (athletic kids) who gave Cooper fits on defense but couldn't get much going on offense. Dawgs will pound the rock and test every level of the defense. One crease and those cats are gone.
  9. Very likely a running clock in the 2nd half but GO VA
  10. Cuuper has a nifty offense with 4 guys that can House call at any time. Stingy defense but has had leaky moments at times this year. If CC offense plays like it did last night though it will be a long night. Maroon Dawgs lookin for a playoff breakthrough and I think it comes this year.
  11. Anyone know if there will be a stream for this game?
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