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  1. Exactly, they probably go 0pher without Grant next year. They did everything they could to stop the move.
  2. Sherman doing everything they can to secure 5 wins next year.
  3. Great pocket passer but definitely doesn’t have the mobility of Hellman or Grant. I believe all 3 could be successful at running the offense though. Gunter has plenty of skill players with Sloan leading the way but Hellman could definitely be the other slot. It’ll be a “competition” between all 3 for sure.
  4. Yesh it ain't that serious Pax. This ain't "cheating", lol it's a lil bending of the rule that plenty of great programs around the state do. What father/coach wouldn't be okay with moving down the road to play for a program like Gunter. Kid gets the best opportunity to actually be a winner while giving him the best shot to play D1 ball. I don't blame him! Get beat up at Sherman or join a powerhouse like Gunter?
  5. Only thing I'm implying is what the article already stated. I think the Dodd kid has a great shot at QB1 but let's not act like this wasn't a move to get a great football player on your team, at the most important position. It's a great fit for all parties involved and I see nothing wrong it at all. Others in the community/team might not feel the same as Dodd has waited for this opportunity. Either way GT will have a great QB leading them next year and feelings don't matter once your lifting that trophy at Jerry's World.
  6. 3A-D2 Gunter fills their hole at QB with Phoenix Grant, a starter at nearby 5A-D1 Sherman. Physically everything you want in a QB and the perfect player to replace Hud Graham. Gunter is Gunter and definitely seem like the favorites in 3A-D2. From Jason Della Rosa: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.heralddemocrat.com/amp/6966643001
  7. This is not an actual Netflix series instead the content is being filmed and put out by the program itself. The Netflix part of this is just edited. This Docu-Series is being filmed by Jeter, a prominent videographer in TXHSFB.
  8. Gunter OC, Tim Wylie. Was hired by Gunter in 2017 after their former OC went to Rodgers.
  9. Canadian wins comfortably... especially against a predominantly running team. Canadian is on a revenge tour and that defense is nasty!!
  10. Has the makings of tough early season matchup that could see these teams meeting up in the playoffs. Heard that Collinsville took some serious season-ending injuries to some key players upfront last week. Grand Saline wasn't a very good team but Cooper easily handled them and looked great on both sides of the ball. Taking Cooper after they pull away in the second half.
  11. Not sure if you are from Gunter but I believe that Coopers new OC actually played under Fieszel when he first took over the program. North Texas football seems to have Gunter faithful all within their ranks.
  12. He has been in Gunter since 2004. It was his first coaching job out of college. Believe he was promoted too DC in 2006 and got the HC job that next year. Gunter head coaches have largely come from inside the building and I'm pretty sure I read in an article that they have had only 1 outside head coach hire since the program moved to 11 man ball in the late 70's.
  13. I believe Cooper will have their 3rd OC in as many years since the hire of Castorena from Gunter. Very disappointing year from Cooper last year but I can see them bouncing back and getting back to their 2018 form.
  14. Isn't Paul Pewitt playing Celina this year? Heck if thats the case Gunter and Celina need to bring back the 289 rivalry!!
  15. #35 from Gunter finishes with a 60-3 record (winningest player in Gunter history) and 2 Defensive State Championship MVP performances (Freshman & Senior years)
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