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  1. I seem to remember it more as the year we had a HC kid at QB that had absolutely no business playing that position and it’s what cost us the game. All they had to do was hand it to Ralston one more time to avoid the OT debacle.
  2. It’s going to take a lot more than a locker room slow clap to win it for Lindale
  3. That kid is my favorite player on the team (no, I’m not related). It makes me insane he doesn’t get more recognition for his hard work and contributions to the team. Can’t wait to watch him play on Friday.
  4. I went to see Southlake and Duncanville play at this stadium last season. It was outstanding. No track and you are right on top of the field. Video screen isn't exactly Jerry World but you won't find a better one for a HS stadium. Plenty of parking too for this game. Kinda fun playing on Saturday too. Gives me a chance to go see Graham vs Celina.
  5. I agree too if it is cold and raining ball handling and footing will be an issue for both teams. Argyle’s new found defensive depth and RB depth will prove to be a huge advantage as it has been all season. You could see it grinding down Stephenville last week like a slow moving freight train as the game progressed. Nasty weather will make it even more important this week. There will be some tense time periods when the game seems close but Argyle depth will eventually take its toll on LV and we pull away in the third quarter by at least +2 scores...I hope.
  6. Contrary to Argyle fan popular belief, LV was going to beat us no matter where or what conditions we played in the last two playoff meetings. LV simply had a better squad those two meetings and our defensive scheme was completely different from what is going on now. Plus, we no longer have a QB that will repeatedly slide before a first down marker with no one within three yards of him. I do not think LV has the defensive force they have had in the past to stop both the pass and run game Argyle currently has (those former LV linebackers...ouch!!!). The new OC is great at mixing it up and uti
  7. Jett Copeland is not the little brother of former Argyle QB Copeland. Jett Copeland is a move-in from Southlake whose big brother was a stud LB for the Dragons that graduated in 2016 or 2017. You are right about that 2013 Argyle defense. I ran across some footage of them the other day on Hudl. That team would simply punish their opponent on both sides of the ball. Very tough team. Glad to see this 2020 defense get a new scheme and improve as it could/should have for a few seasons now.
  8. You're right about not having much running room. Celina's D-line fought our kids as tough as anybody. We better step it up this week or it's going to be a rough night for whoever is in the backfield.
  9. Baker is definitely the fastest kid on the Argyle team which has often been under the radar. He was running varsity track 4X100 as a freshman before the knee issue(s) as a soph/junior. Only Kirkpatrick comes close to his speed on a track but we all know football field speed can be very different. Anyway, the kid is an absolute delight to be around and it is wonderful to see him get some reps and attention he has persistently and humbly worked to deserve.
  10. Senior Davis Elsey is the only LB currently playing with any significant experience. Senior starting LB Reid Adkins is out for PG and Celina while another primary senior LB Cullen Davee is done for the season due to a concussion. Grant Mirabal is a sophomore LB with good size but not much experience at the varsity level other than a few series in the playoffs last year. He will be very good though as he matures. Stopping PG’s run game will be difficult for Argyle as would be expected. Another big loss was that of senior starting guard Caden Reeves (ACL tear). He was a huge cog in the wheel
  11. Are you being serious?! It was excruciating watching him miss tackle after tackle by going for the head or shoulders just like the SV game. He may be good and all for JV but has absolutely no business playing on a varsity level with this kind of team.
  12. You are correct. Our DL is pretty good IMO. The secondary, not so much. Placing Rexroat at the safety position would rectify our problem of giving up big run plays for the most part. That kid is the fastest on the defense and plays like a maniac. It is a shame he is wasted just blitzing around the end for containment play after play.
  13. Both Scoggins and Duck are older redshirt Sophomores. They were driving way before the end of their freshman year. It is not like we are putting that young of a team out there (age-wise). Either way, Argyle wins.
  14. Melissa unknowingly picked the absolute last kid on the Argyle team you would want to start a scuffle with. The #8 kid is currently ranked 2 in State 5A in his weight class for wrestling and has won Fort Worth Regional Golden Gloves two times as well. They were lucky he was disciplined enough not to turn it loose on them.
  15. We lost 2014 SC due to the least athletic QB to ever play that position for Argyle. You could collectively hear the entire Argyle crowd yelling "NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" as soon as the QB started to roll out when he threw the INT. Why not let Ralston just beat the entire Navasota team like he had been doing all afternoon??!! Game woulda, coulda, shoulda been over right there had they just handed the ball to Ralston.
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