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  1. Give me Dickerson because he’s a Senior. Batton is going to be better I think by his Senior year.
  2. We played Gladewater in a monsoon. We played pretty good too.
  3. Yea we’re pretty young a lot of sophomores. I really wish we ran more 5 wide sets. Most of sophomores are skill positions so in a year or 2 they will be tough.
  4. I have 0 clue how the big boys can’t make a hole. It almost looks like they are pass blocking sometimes or they hit and release.
  5. How’s y’all’s Oline and Dline? I haven’t seen much on Winnsboro
  6. Our CB are pretty solid about being in a good spot. We have a former Atlanta CB that went to college to play. He helped our DB play a lot! Your right though if our offense isn’t producing our defense will be gassed. I think a lot of ppl are basing this game off of the Tatum game. We can definitely play better then what we did that game.
  7. This will be a fun game to watch! Winnsboro has some really good wr and qb puts it on the money. They will be up against the fastest secondary in 3a. If we play with some intensity I can see us causing some havoc. If our Oline can hold up I like our chances. If they block like they did against Tatum we will be in a bind. Just love seeing the turn around we have had this year. Now we have something to build on.
  8. Y’all had a solid game plan. Y’all’s defensive line was working our Oline out all day. No room to run. I have y’all winning 1st round and hopefully we can squeak by. I will say no team has broken as many tackles as Tatum did against ATL all year. That says a lot about y’all’s kids and the effort they put in.
  9. If we show up like we did against Tatum. Atlanta will be in a bind. Idk how good Winnsboro Oline is or Dline is but Tatum controlled the LOS with ease it seemed like. I would love to see some more motion and miss direction to give our speedsters a little more room.
  10. Solid game Jefferson our defenses are for real!!!
  11. Blocking needs to improve. Just losing too many battles upfront. Jefferson Defense isn’t giving up a inch.
  12. OU wasn’t scared of Texas this year and we saw how that went. You don’t have to be scared to get drummed
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