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  1. Not sure what team u been watching. We def can throw the ball, but why throw if we don’t have too.....it be your own kind that hate on you the most
  2. I hope this 70 degree weather last through the game friday night!!!
  3. Should be a good tune up game. Can possibly work out any issues on both sides of the ball.
  4. Can Gilmer win this game? I believe so but we can’t run the ball 40 times, and we HAVE to have great QB play. We have the team to get it done. Its gonna come down to play calling on offense and when we are on defense not giving up 3rd down conversions. Really looking forward to seeing this game either way!!!!
  5. I really want to see the hype behind Spring Hill is. I do know for sure that one man will not be enough to even keep the game respectable. Don’t know how many point we will score, but im pretty sure SH wont see the endzone too often.
  6. I will bet it all on our DEFENSE. Im just gonna leave it at that....we got sensitive fans in Gilmer that dont like when you hit them with truth about our offense.
  7. Man i really wish that i could be there for this game!!! Should be the game of the week in TEXAS
  8. Number 24 for Newton was in our back field all nite. He was a real problem on the outside.
  9. At this point you just became irrelevant. If you don’t like what i say, scroll to the next comment. THIS JUST IN: EVERYBODY ON HERE HAS A SCREEN NAME I know you can come up with one better than that. I like my job by the way so no need to apply for another one. Thanks for the info. And hide.... i see people still trolling out here with internet muscles!!!!
  10. If they were in fact coaching, i would let them do just that. But Stevie Wonder can see on offense we are very stagnant. Defense can only do so much. We don’t have problems on that side of the ball beside the offense not giving them a break.
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