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  1. Hats off to shiner and refugio they really do run this side of the bracket
  2. Region 4 plays on a different level apparently
  3. Has it really been 8 years since region 3 won?
  4. Can we get that Timpson Vs Shiner thread popping I’m ready to see what’s good
  5. Anyone there like to keep us out of towners posted with some updates would be highly appreciated
  6. Dang I wish I would have made this one. Sounds like region 3 goes through Timpson this year boys
  7. I’ll be at this one. Rematch 17 years in the making
  8. Is this gonna be streamed anywhere? Anyone gonna give updates?
  9. I expected it. Did Normangee play tonight? I’m predicting Timpson Vs Normangee for the Region. Im going to make a bold prediction that this will be the last L the Rams take for a long long time. They will be very very good the next several years.
  10. Yep there’s that route we all knew would happen
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