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  1. It’s very relevant because you are making a false equivalency as usual.
  2. I’ll throw you for a loop. I’m for gun control (no surprise there) but I have a “Come and Take It” flag hanging in my classroom because I’d be willing to bet that most of the people who wear those shirts or have the sticker have no idea where it actually comes from.
  3. Quick question. How many people can you give a deadly illness to by not eating your vegetables?
  4. Bwahahaha. They shake hands like girls then.
  5. We had a little delay on our flight so my two sons and myself were walking around looking for something to eat. While we were walking I saw someone speed walking in our direction trying to catch a flight. It was none other than Ken Paxton. Needless to say, as he got closer I pointed out to my kids that “there goes our wonky eyed idiotic attorney general”. He must have heard me (probably because I wasn’t quiet about it) and he turned around and glared at me. At least I think it was at me. It’s honestly kind of hard to tell with the wonky eye and all. I had a good laugh about it and went on to find some food.
  6. Oh my lord. Something I actually agree with you on. There must be a god after all.
  7. I know Stone Cold. Stone Cold is a friend of mine. You sir are not Stone Cold.
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