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  1. So we should all be forced to follow your god? I take it you’re all in favor of a theocracy.
  2. I wonder what’s in your browser history.
  3. Thomas was the one who tried to take things further in his concurring opinion. He’s the one that decided to go down that road. Who knows, maybe he’s trying to find a loophole out of his marriage.
  4. I find this comment rather humorous. I’m assuming that you are taking a dig at the look of some of these people. I’ve also noticed where others on here do that as well when they talk about women that they find unattractive. The funny part is that I’ve seen what some of you look like in real life. Y’all would be lucky to score some of the people that y’all mock on here.
  5. Where’s the hate? Just pointing out that if he keeps taking peoples rights away then his right to be married to who he is could eventually be taken away by his own doing. I’m sure there are several in the Texas GOP who would support that by the way.
  6. That doesn’t go hand in hand with what I’m saying at all but carry on with your ignorance
  7. I can tell you that it will be hard for people to find medications to assist in the evacuation of the miscarriage since those are the same drugs used for abortions. Pharmacists are concerned about what type of trouble they could get into for dispensing them so most of them will just not carry those drugs.
  8. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTR1YrYbE/?k=1 Lib of TikTok warning.
  9. I would’ve thought that my eye roll in my earlier post would’ve given it away that I knew it was fake. Unlike all the ignorant tweets that you feel the need to post since you are finally learning how to use technology
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