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  1. That doesn’t go hand in hand with what I’m saying at all but carry on with your ignorance
  2. I can tell you that it will be hard for people to find medications to assist in the evacuation of the miscarriage since those are the same drugs used for abortions. Pharmacists are concerned about what type of trouble they could get into for dispensing them so most of them will just not carry those drugs.
  3. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTR1YrYbE/?k=1 Lib of TikTok warning.
  4. I would’ve thought that my eye roll in my earlier post would’ve given it away that I knew it was fake. Unlike all the ignorant tweets that you feel the need to post since you are finally learning how to use technology
  5. I don’t think that’s what that person was tweeting at all but carry on with the misinformation as usual.
  6. Where da riots at? I haven’t seen anything on them in our secret liberal communications. Maybe I should check WND to see where they are making up riots to scare all the Cons.
  7. The Zodiac Killer is finally getting to say how he feels.
  8. Funny how it seems like the people that feel the need to say that they are so against those types of things are typically the ones doing them behind closed doors. So good luck with that.
  9. Yea ummm I don’t think I read anything like that either. That kind of makes me question exactly what you are reading.
  10. This is why you shouldn’t listen to high school dropouts on YouTube. This fool is trying to say that Triumph the Insult Comic Dogs preauthorized interviews (by Republicans and Democrats) is worse than Jan 6. How many people did Triumph assault and threaten?
  11. I told you a while back that I don’t open up that ConPorn site. There’s no telling what kind of viruses that it spreads.
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