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  1. Nobody on Tatums schedule gives me fuzzies.they have faced adversity since Godley beat them 2013. Its been a long road. I'm not sure how many coaches came and went, it been a hill to climb for sure, but they are making strides that I have not seen in a long time. The arrow is pointed up. Maybe the Zebras have leveled a little and might not have all that fire in their gut. Maybe they just lay down tonight and put it in cruise control. Maybe they're tired of playing. That's a lot of football. You know? Every Tatum Fan wants to see Icarus climb up on that cliff, Spread those wings, an
  2. Who said battle tested? I'm glad that was a forfeit. I thought it might be. I said I liked the path that Tatum traveled. And I think Grandview just walked. I don't think they have been tested since week one to a team who hasn't played anyone since except the team the they lost to. Why are you so mean?
  3. Ok looking at things, and having some thoughts. I could be wrong the but zebs have played a weak schedule. Malacough took them to overtime(might have been fist game jitters). Glen Rose, flailed in round 1, and then there is Godley. Who else did they play? Not much Godley was severly out matched and could do nothing to slow the zebs. I watched that one on my computer. Malacough Lost 2 games to two teams that were much better than them. The rest of their schedule was the bottom of the barrel in Texas. Did they only beat Kemp 17-0? did that really happen? Is it wrong to think th
  4. You're stealing my thunder here. ZDonk pics are not allowed until Wednesday afternoon
  5. Me thinks bad weather like that would favor Tatum. However, we wont get any of that nasty stuff.
  6. I blame milli vanilli cause they sang that song
  7. Mr. Honcho, they have this thing called a map. if you look at at it just one time, you'll become a believer. The pages are flat though, and it may throw you off a bit but they have this round thing too in the shape of a basketball that has a map as well! I hope you can figure it all out. It's tricky!!
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