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  1. Stop the Playoffs, hand East Chambers the title
  2. I'm pretty sure if that situation were to unfold that way, Huntington would be out, Coldspring would be the 3rd place team and Trinity would be the 4th place team. If it goes to points: Trinity beat Huntington 28-15 (Trinity +13 Huntington -13) Huntington beat Coldspring 34-26 (Huntington +8 Coldspring -8) Coldspring beat Trinity 48-8 (Coldspring +40 or Trinity -40 or whatever the district max and min is)
  3. Very true, guy must've been cancerous!!
  4. “Rumor” has it, he applied but didn’t get an interview. That seems like a travesty that an internal applicant couldn’t get an interview.
  5. The question is why? Really the baseball situation or is there something deeper.
  6. Interesting, not sure what’s going on. Anyone have any insight?
  7. They definitely split it, its becoming more prevalent during this hiring cycle so far.
  8. https://www.certifyteacher.com/ Anything you need
  9. What’s wrong with hiring an OC? Lol
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