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  1. I agree. 5 more yards would have made a difference in that wind.
  2. He seems to be more into education and the military than anything else these days.
  3. I agree completely, the kids as well as the coaches did a fine job. Robinson is a good coach and he did what he thought was right and it's easy to question after the fact. He deserves plenty of credit for the season and it's easy for somebody like me to sit back and question but in reality he knows much more than I do and I'm sure he had a reason for the game plan he layed out. He did what he thought was best and that's why he is the coach. He's good at what he does.
  4. There were a few things I thought could have been changed a little to help stop their offense especially in the short passing game but I'm not a coach so maybe I'm wrong. I don't wanna look like I'm bashing anybody so I will leave it at that. I do think the kids played their heart out and gave it all they had and I'm proud of all of them. I was confused as to why we let the clock rundown before half when we had a extra timeout. I'm not sure what happened and I might have missed something, I might be wrong about the extra timeout, I'm not sure.
  5. I hope that arm don't interfere with him pitching this year, if so some of you dad's need to get your boys ready to go, they will need more than 2 pitchers. I know 1 boy that used to be pretty good but he's just a distant backup these days and has lost interest. I'm sure you know him as well.
  6. If that's the case then shame on who said that because I garuntee he ain't a wuss. I hope that's not the case but it would not come as a suprise.
  7. I don't know the stats but it seemed like we could have thrown a little more in the 1st half but maybe they were worried about the arm. It don't matter now the Cards had a great season and congrats to Pottsboro.
  8. I'm picking Malakoff but if you play to soft on pottsboro receivers they will move the chains for sure. I think your better off taking a chance on the deep ball with the hopes of a bad throw if you get beat. JMO
  9. Let's go Cards stayed focused on tonight and start next week getting ready for a new opponent. I know the boys will play hard tonight and will be mentally prepared in these uncharted waters. Your Coaches and community are proud of you. Let's go Cards.
  10. Is this for real or just speculation? Thanks
  11. Are they really sold out? Dang I wanted to come to this game.
  12. If he don't like contact he might be playing the wrong group of kids. Lol
  13. It doesn't matter if it's 1 or 21 points. I think it's definitely a confidence builder.
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