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  1. This is good news. I went to the PG game and a few others. IMHO the Carthage O needed a bit more of a change of pace at running back. The kid in the PG game looked good. We will be at AT&T pulling for the Dawgs. Good luck!
  2. Carthage needs to give more carries to the back that closed the PG game. Not sure of his number? 28 maybe? He isn't the regular starter. Either way this should be one of the better games of championship week.
  3. Refugio was just too big. Next year they will have a whole new crop of 250 pounders on the line. . So will Mason and Shiner. I wish the UIL could come up with a more fair way to do classifications. When you play a team like Refugio their lines are like a mix of one whole district from our region.
  4. Good luck to the SA players, coaches and most fans. I wish you safe travels and hope none of your players are injured. My previous anti SA comments have all been directed at the few arrogant fans here that gloat about beating up on teams that are at a huge disadvantage.
  5. Great team. I was there in Huntsville when little tiny Shelbyville ended their run in the regional final.. It was truly a David vs. Goliath matchup but we came out on top and finished the season with a state championship. We had a nice run ourselves from 81 to 84. Winning about 125 games with about 8 losses. A 33-0 season in 84, 32-1 in 82. A 50+ game win streak, two state championships, and 4 straight regional appearances. The streak continued into 85 with a win streak ending at near 50. . Changes to the eligibility rules in regards to grades sabotaged the tradition through 89 (one teacher) but we still managed 2 more regional finals appearances with both of those seasons ending with one loss. . Those were 1987 and 1989. Then take it back a little further Terry Teagle and Broaddus beat us out in 77 and 78. Then 79 and 80 we played up in 3a and still managed a district championship. From about 77 to 89 Shelbyville was about as good as any small school around. Several players went on to college but none really had much luck. Partly because Shelbyville is so tiny and primitive the kids just didn't have much culture. . Jeff Chumbley was probably the next best player behind Terry Teagle to come out of the area. . As a sophomore he won the battle down low against two all state Sabine players and he also absolutely dominated Carlton McKinney and Patrick William's in the state championship games in 82 and 84. Both players went on to be successful D1 players. Chumbley had trouble adjusting in a few stops at D1 colleges. He was a player though! Should have made the NBA.
  6. I'm out. If anyone wants to discuss the advantages that certain schools have I will be glad to do it in private. There are a few discussions here that goes in depth. My prediction is Refugio by a lot. They have a BIG TIME unfair advantage. Good luck to SA. They will need it.
  7. Without saying something that could be taken as offensive there is a thread here that discusses this subject in detail. . It might go over your head but if you read it thoroughly at least the seed will be planted. . . Which gives hope that one day you will get it. A question for you to ponder though. How do you think particular teams like Mart, Refugio, Mason and Shiner continue to have top 5 teams year in and year out? And it's not genetics, heart, coaching, or any of those things. Those things certainly do play a role but it's not the ultimate answer. Snook in basketball is an exception. They literally had a couple of families that kept winning state championships over a period of about 2 decades. There is a girls basketball team as well. Can't call the name right of the top of my head, and there is some bloodline involved in small town success. . But it isn't enough to be top 5 caliber for 20 to 50 years!
  8. I'm well aware of that. There have been several discussions here about it. Ultimately the enrollment to participation ratio can create a huge advantage. It's a touchy subject and easy to say some things that aren't exactly politically correct. I will find the thread later and direct you to it if you want to read it. But again yes, I'm very well aware of how enrollment determines classification.
  9. The only thing I have said about the current SA team is that they are overrated and in general they have a big advantage in 2a ball simply because of their enrollment to participation ratio. . Just drive through the town!! San Augustine is MUCH bigger than the majority of the towns that have a 2a school. SA should be playing 3a ball. Period. Agaisnt Refugio they don't have the advantage that they typically have in east texas 2a ball. Refugio has the advantage in a major way. As do teams like Shiner, Mason, and Mart just to name a few. Good luck. You will need it.
  10. Again, show me where I said Sville would do anything in that game. . I talk smack sometimes so I've looked back through all those threads and I never said anything!! Nor have I picked against SA all year!! If I did the proof is here if you care to wager. . Save your money though because ultimately you will see i picked SA to win the region. Early on. I did pick against the Rams though every week starting with the Shelbyville game. To take it a step further you have mentioned several times that you know who I am. Again we can wager and I am a man of my word. . Go ahead. What have you got?
  11. show me where I picked against SA? I picked SA to be in the regional final early in the year. You are just upset because you have nothing for the cold hard facts I mention.
  12. Refugio by a large margin. SA gets a taste of their own medicine as they don't have a huge advantage in the participation to enrollment ratio. In this one Refugio has a big advantage in nearly every way. Good luck to SA though. They will need it.
  13. Nice call on 4th down by SA... This one is over. Groveton done well considering how outmatched they were.
  14. Groveton with a couple of poor coaching decisions is the difference. They should be ahead in this game.
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